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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Craig...a man called "Cuervo"

Folks...you can't make this shit up....

I received a note from an anonymous person that told me Cuervo's real name and asked me to be careful. This person told me Cuervo spent 2  of a 10 yr. sentence in Yuma, Az.  for aggravated assault.  This peaked my interest and I came across this picture of Cuervo with this short article.  You can go back to an old blog I did on Cuervo here.

CADILLAC MULE – Craig Kline, better known as “Cuervo,” passed through Sanderson last week with his “Cadillac” mule Rock & Roll and a pack mule, Cocky Walker. He travels around the US and Mexico by mule, pickup and trailer and even a bicycle. He “snuck into” Mexico a few years back where he worked harvesting “Palmieros,” or bear grass, a very coarse grass used for thatched roofs and brooms.

Cuervo passes through
SANDERSON – “Cuervo” passed through town last week on his “Cadillac” mule on his way to Presidio where he hoped to find some catfish in the Rio Grande. Craig Kline of wherever he lays his bed roll is known by his nickname after the popular brand of tequila. He stopped at Mi Tierra cafĂ© after spending the night in Sanderson last week. Kline – or “Cuervo” – said he “snuck into Mexico” where he worked near Sonora for 14 years.He worked harvesting “Palmieros,” or bear grass, which was sold for thatched roofs and brooms. “It is very coarse grass, nothing will eat it,” he said. “We got $30 a ton for it but it took about five days to get a ton.“That’s gone now,” he said “They can’t keep anything going [in Mexico.]  They are very hard workers but I guess not very good organizers. I was starving to death so I came back.”Kline said he crossed the US-Mexico border many times without any problems. He had been traveling around with his wife but she “opted out” and now lives near Hartford, CA.“The people in Mexico were very good to me,” he said. “The Federales, even the smugglers were nice.”He said he sometimes fed the smugglers. “They had plenty of drugs but nothing to eat,” Kline said. “One went to get a burrito and while he was eating it, someone took his drugs. “He left to get a burrito and $50,000 worth of drugs was gone,” he said. “They can’t even do that right.”He rides his “Cadillac” mule he calls Rock & Roll for shorter jaunts and has a second mule, Cocky Walker, for his supplies. And he does it willingly,” he said. Cocky Walker is the son of a wild burro but Kline said he makes a very good pack animal.“It’s getting harder to camp out,” he said. “I went to the RV park here and they wanted $20 just to sleep.“So I camped out and the cops came along,” he said. “What are you doing?” he said they asked. Kline has been a nomad for many years, covering much of the US and Mexico on horseback, by mule, truck and even a bicycle.“I went over Nevada on horseback last year,” he said. I wintered near Eureka, CA, in the cold, soggy country.“The sheriff’s office chased me off,” he said. “I went over the high Sierras in a snow storm. The sheriff’s office did that to me. Kline said he was arrested in Alpine a few years ago. “I was on a bike trip and had three dogs with me,” he said. The dogs “chased down a deer and killed it so I used the meat and made jerky,” he said.  I told them, "the dogs killed it. I didn’t mean for it to happen.”

OMG.....I laughed so hard at  "HIS WIFE OPTED OUT"   Tears are rolling down my cheeks. :0)


loverboyched said...

Just met Cuervo here in California, I have updates about him if you're interested

zenlane1 said...

just met him today in wrightwood CA

Anonymous said...

Just saw him in Redlands, sat. night he got picked up for public intox on Hwy. 38, we are hoping he is OK and the mule also.

Dooger said...

I was eating at the Buckshot i Niland and he walked in like a Wild West cowboy walks into a saloon. I really became interested in this guy. He was not on Rock and Roll, his mule but driving a Ford F450 pickup (seriously) but he was in the diner with his face paint braided hair, pants, shin protectors, boots, knife and all.

gvmama said...

F450 uses a lot of gasoline. He better get his mule back :0) Quite the character.