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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bilbo Baggins

This is Bilbo....Bilbo Baggins

Bilbo belongs to my son.  My son is just finishing up his last 3 yrs. in the Navy before he can retire.  He is scheduled to go to Guam this winter for 2 yrs. and out to sea (the only time ever) for the last year.  He basically has been in avionics and has traveled the world wide several times.  I'm sure if he read this he would correct me a zillion times.  Doesn't matter.  I am so proud of him.  And, also proud of my grandson who is in bootcamp right now in The Great lakes following his father's footsteps.  Though, he isn't going into avionics, he is going to be a Corpsman.  Medicene runs strongly in our family.
It's hard to be married in the military.  It's not a whole lot of fun for the military wives when their husband is overseas.  It hasn't been all bad for Dustin.  Just because he endured 130 degrees in Saudi and spent some time being bombed in Afghanistan, he,also, got stress fractures in his tibias from snowboarding in the Swiss Alps and playing too much volleyball.  Very unfortunately, he ended up divorced.  He doesn't like living alone.  He never has.  I could live by myself...no problemas....but, he's different.
Then there is BILBO.  I don't even know how long Dustin has had Bilbo Baggins, the parrot.  I don't remember him without the damn bird.  When we talk on the phone the bird yells and squawks.  He likes attention.  He sings Ol' Rocky Top and has a bunch of things he can say if you listen real carefully.  I don't even remember what type of parrot he is...maybe a Half Moon.  That seems to come to my forebrain.  I do remember he yells alot and he makes a mess, and he BITES me.  Oh, did I forget to tell you that on one of his stints overseas the bird was so distraught he ate several of his toes off?
Dustin is having a hard time finding someone to take care of BILBO while he is away from home which is on Whidbey Island.  I mentioned he should try to give the bird to his ex-wife who lives in Texas.  The damn bird adores her.  He said that would cost him about $1000 in traveling fees.  I told him I'd talk to Wayne about it, since I know he is coming to So. Calif. for training in September before going to Guam.
I talked to Wayne today.  He said he would GLADLY pay 1/2 the trip to Texas so the bird could be reunited with his ex-wife until his three year stint with the Navy is over.  hahahahaha  I'm sure he would gladly pay the whole trip as the date draws nearer.  We'll see. :0)


Karen said...

I've always found parrots fascinating, but have absolutely no urge to own one myself.

gvmama said...

And, my son has left ME his parrot in his will......hahahahaha Is that payback for his teenager days?

Monique said...

He's a Quaker parrot :)

And Stanley does the same thing when I talk on the phone LOL. But he does not bite me.


gvmama said...

Aha....I might be able to tolerate his screeches and sqawks if he didn't bite me :0) OUCH! He gets me "quaking" in my boots. :0)