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Saturday, October 9, 2010

A man called "Cuervo"

I live almost on the Pacific Crest trail; anyways, right next to it. 
The trail begins in Mexico and ends in Canada.  A bit of a long trek. I have hiked pieces of the trail for years.  I have met interesting characters hiking way more miles than I on the trail.  My favorite personality was "Cuervo."  A toothless guy with a Border Collie cross and his pack mule. I'll have to look for the pictures I took of him.  I hopped in my truck, came home, drove back to the trail head bringing him dog food, cans of chili, and a bottle of wine.  He drank the full bottle of wine first!  I ended up feeding his dog. He said he was coming up from Mexico for a dental appointment somewhere in the desert.  Hard not to get the giggles.  I spent an hour or so with him listening to his stories.  Do not fear for me.  I carry a snub nose .38 with me at all times. 
I told my husband about him on the phone.  My husband gave me you know what for stopping on the trail to chat.  Wayne was late getting home.  I asked him, "What took you so long."  "Well," he says, "I ran into Cuervo on the trail and drove into town to get him a cheeseburger."  hahahaha

Oh yea...I found a photo.  The pack mule is grazing close by, the dog is eating the food I brought and Cuervo is downing the bottle of wine I gave him.  He wanted to come to my home just down the road for a shower, but there is a limit to my kindness.  LOL
On the PCT are ledgers to write about your hike.  People draw pictures, write poetry, anything is acceptable.  I love to stop here and read.

 Obviously, Yoko likes to stop here and catch up on the readings, too.
 People can get pretty creative. :0)

 These are SERIOUS hikers...hiking with Tequilla, hiking 13 miles, hiking 23 miles, etc.

 Our input for the day....just an easy 2 miler.  Though, Jet thought is was 22 miles at age 10.

Kilt watched over Jet while he took a break.  I'm loving that girl alot more these days....

Sign across the road offering hikers taco salad just a bit down the road and a place to lay their head.
There is something still very quaint about Green Valley.  I'm sure our population hasn't grown over 1000 in the 25 yrs. we have lived here.  I'm very happy about that.  It is a little bit of paradise nestled in the mountains.  I have loved every minute of living here with the exception of fire season.


Chris "Freefall" Sanderson said...

Your hospitality to hikers, especially people like Cuervo is awesome. Yes, he downed the bottle of wine first, but I am sure that you found him (and most hikers) to be harmless.

The Andersons host hikers in Green Valley, and the Saufleys host hikers in Agua Dulce (one day's hike apart). They are gracious hosts, and if you ever get the itch, I am sure they would enjoy your help when the "herd" of hikers go through in mid to late May.



gvmama said...

Thanks for stopping by Freefall. Maybe I'll see you on the trail someday. I like your blogsite...awesome pictures.
I love it in May when all the hikers are coming through....
gvmama (Suzanne)