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Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Oh, lucky me to be so fortunate to have so  many "close" friends.  What a wonderful time I had with Mel and Dr. Pam on Vashon Island.  The first B and B had a spectacular view of the water and beach access.  But, it was concrete, old wood, and metal inside.  It lacked any sort of comfiness.  The blankets, pillows, etc. were scratchy and starched.  Everything in the AirBNB was cheaply done without thought for comfort.
The one night Air BNB we spent in the forest, was immaculately decorated for comfort, convenience and relaxation.  Plus, our host made us raspberry scones because she knew we were getting up early for a handlers meeting.  Walking trails were close by.  It was lovely. (And, less expensive)  Hard to tell what you are getting when you are looking on line.  Always a surprise, sometimes pleasant, sometimes, not so pleasant.
But, I always know what I am getting in the way of FRIENDSHIP.  Good times prevailed.  We laughed long and hard, we ate well, and we visited as fast as we could talk.  This was Dr. Pam's first open field trial with Fly. They got to the top and back to the post all 3 times.  Champ got around a couple of times, but sloppily with no stops until close to me at the post.
There is always a bit of a let down when my guests leave, but now I will look forward to my  brother arriving over what would have been our Pop's 100th birthday on July 1st.  Here's to you Dad!

                                                                           Handler's meeting
                                                Hurricane Ridge with Yoko and half sister, Fly
                                                                         Moi on the Ridge
                                                     Kilt on the right with some of her kids
                                                              Champ on the cross drive
                                                       Being silly, Mel and Pam
                               Pam getting ready to run with a couple of shots of gin, LOL
                                Lake Crescent  Sister and brother, Fly and Champ
                        Fly convincing a black faced sheep to get moving with the rest of the group
                                                Girl bagpipers at the Vashon lunch break
                                     Champ visiting Carolynn Harwell's lambs in Enumclaw
                            Vashon island Sheepdog Classic, one of my top favorite trials

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