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Monday, May 8, 2017

Round one

Okay, the Friday hearing was rather painless. The judge awarded me temporary maintenance support (That's what they call alimony in Washington state).

Round two will not be that painless.  We BOTH have to appear in a settlement conference with a judge and our attorney's present.  If we can't come to a mutual agreement, we will have to pay beaucoup bucks to have a judge in Superior court make the decisions.

This too shall pass, just not soon enough.

Several days after coming home I hear a very large yelp and saw Yoko hobbling on 3 legs.  I carried her to the house, immediately thinking "cruciate tear."  I have never had a dog with one, but I know it is something we all worry about.  Yoko runs down the hill in the wet grass and spins eyeing up her brother.  Ugh.

I made her an appointment at Seattle Specialists at the end of the month and will be taking her to an equine/canine rehab specialist tomorrow.  Yoko isn't allowed to play with her brother.  She has to go out and do her business with Trouble.  Sad, sad Yoko.  She is not limping, but appears 'unstable.'  I just can't pinpoint it and I'm not trained enough in 'drawer signs' to palpate her knee.  One moment I think one or both knees are gone and in another moment I think it is lumbar sacral disc.  The rehab specialist will go over her with a fine tooth comb and make suggestions for cold laser, swimming, etc.

At least she doesn't appear in pain while being quiet in the house.  I re-enrolled her in 6 weeks of nosework to keep her mentally challenged. She most definitely is not happy with the decrease of her meals to go along with her rest.  Yoko is my food hound.  I'm trying to give her more pumpkin while throwing in some vegas for her to make up the difference.

Vashon is coming up and I haven't had much time to work Champ.  When I last looked he was still number 5 on the wait list.  There just has been too much to do here with the grass knee high and time for weeding and other types of business.

My handyman who sometimes works here is too busy this season to help me out much with odd jobs and yard work.  So.....I'm on my own.  I thought by May Wayne would be here.  Way wrong there Corrigan.  So, I will do the best i can do.  That's all I can....

Between dogs, me, volunteer duties, jury duty coming up along with this week being the Irrigation Festival, I'm busier than I would like to be!  May wishes my grandson a Happy Birthday, plus it's Trouble's 15th birthday and the 2 year marker of the passing of Jet.

Enjoy your Spring.  I certainly am enjoying the slightly warmer weather and a few days here and there without rain.  Make contentment your criterion of prosperity.

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