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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Saving Suzanne

Picking up the pieces.  That's what I'm doing.  Plus, I am getting some psycho therapy, the first time ever in my life.  It feels good to talk about the upcoming divorce with a professional.  34 years of marriage is a long time.  She said I can't believe you continued to stay with him.  You must have the patience of a saint.  Patience I do have, but love for whom I was married to, I also had.  I know alcoholism is a disease.  I just prayed he would overcome it.  I dreamt of a healthy future for Wayne and us.  Now, I have to let it go.  It's not going to happen.  The final chapter is destined to have a different ending.  Now, it's time to Save Suzanne.

I am now making weekly treks to the dump and to Good Will.  If I haven't used it since I have been up here in over 2 years, it's gone, outta here.  As soon as the swap meet starts up in May, I will try to sell my ton of horse tack that I still have been hoarding.

You sure find out who your friends are when you are going through a world of hurt.  Wow, I am over whelmed by the outpouring of LOVE from old and new friends. Thank-you so very much.  Hopefully by Thanksgiving I will be off this emotional roller coaster I have been on with Wayne for years.  I'm just looking forward to it being all said and done.

Lucky for me I'm not a person that is sedentary or that likes to wallow in their own sorrows.  I have my dogs, volunteer work, and photography.  Plus, you never know, I may start painting again.  Plus, as soon as Spring arrives it's time to start planting and weeding, and weeding, and weeding...

This spring I kept myself busy learning some new photography skills with photoshop classes offered in Port Townsend. There is still a ton more for me to learn, but I'm starting to catch on.

This is a Mallard drake.   I put the background in with photoshop.  I have a file of textures that I am able to look through when the background is something I don't like or is too busy that I can choose from and mask it in.  I now have a Wacom tablet that helps me paint in the subject or extra features.  It's kind of like using coloring books, but it's computerized.

This American Widgeon I didn't touch up at all.  Even though the background is busy I liked it just the way it looked. I am trying to shoot at eye level.  But, to shoot at eye level I almost have to have waders and a snorkel....haha

This is a Robin I photographed walking up from the pond.  The background is exactly what you see.  It was getting dark and I was shooting as low as my 100-400 lens goes at 5.6.  It's a killer lens though.  None of the these photos were shot with a tripod.  I need to start using the tripod with the big heavy lens, because my fingers and wrists are feeling it :0(

Bird fest is the weekend.  I'm excited to be going to their many offered events again this year even if the weather forecast sucks.  Friday I will be taking a bird class out at the Dungeness spit.  In the evening I will stop in to see my girlfriend, Bonnie Block, (The grand champion Audubon contest winner last year) at the Civic Center along with the other top 12 prizes for the Audubon competition.

Her grand prize photograph hangs right over my computer desk.  Thanks to Wayne for buying it for me for our anniversary last year :0) (Sorry for the reflections)

Then, on Saturday I am taking a 4 hour class with Bonnie in Sequim plus going to her presentation and banquet in the evening at the Tribal Center.

Sunday, I venture to Protection Island by boat with the professional birders.  Hopefully, we will get back in time for me to go to the local Live raptor presentation in Sequim at the Rehab Center.

Then, weather permitting and court hearing permitting, I will take off for Northern California and Northern Nevada to visit friends, trial, and work sheep with Champ.  Yoko is rehabbing a pulled muscle or partial cruciate tear, so she is on crate rest.  Poor Yoko.  Lots of hugs for Yo.  But, of course, all 4 will be on the road with me.  On the way home I hope to stop in to see my son in Roseburg and my girlfriend in Eugene.

By the time I arrive home all of my neighbors will be back from traveling out of the country and wintering in San Diego.  I'm hoping my brother will come visit me in July.  Our father would have been 100 years old this July 1st.  We were so blessed having him as our Dad.

Another picture where I didn't like the background so I masked in a different texture/color.

That's about all folks.  Y'all take care of yourself and do something kind for someone else.

Luv ya, Suz

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