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Thursday, March 30, 2017


I can actually say those words; "It's OVER."  Talk about an emotional nightmare.  It is OVER now.  All, but the divorce.

I don't have to SAVE him anymore.  I don't have to plead for him to change or teach him about his health.  I don't have to see him DESTROY himself any longer.  Or, destroy me for that fact.

I'm hoping now that I have accepted it, the nightmares will fade.  I did my BEST.  I gave 110%.  That I know for sure.

I made a wonderful life in Sequim for myself and my dogs.

Thank-you all for your support and friendship.

Much love, Suz

Sweet Yoko promises me HUGS every day until we get through the divorce.

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Karen said...

Just wipe Yoko's paws off first ;-)!

My brother-in-law died suddenly four years ago. No inkling that anything was wrong, so no mental prep at all. My sister has survived with the help of good friends. I hope you find the same help and support from your multitude of good friends. You are a strong woman.

Sending hugs, Karen