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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Keep your eyes on the Goal

Writing this for my non-Facebook friends to let you know I'm still kicking....

                                                                This is so me :)

I like to set goals.  I like to plan.  Planning is sometimes more fun than the prize at the end.  My next goal is to go to Vashon Island for the June Sheepdog Classic.  Mind you, I haven't worked my dogs much, but I promised to give Champ a chance at a few trials this year.  He needs something more than dog broke sheep to work.
What will make this trial very fun for me is that two of my girlfriends are flying in for the trial.  Melodie is coming from California. Pam is coming from Pennsylvania.  We all have something in common.  We have Kilt's kids.  LOL  Mel has a brother to Champ and Dr. Pam has his sister, Fly.  Fly will be competing, so she gets to fly, also.
Both of these ladies have been good friends to me.  So, I splurged.  I rented us a house on the water on Vashon for the trial.  Kind of dumb in a way, since we will spending our days at the sheepdog trial.  We will only be there in the evenings.  Oh well, fun, fun, fun...until Daddy took my T-bird away.  The place sounds super nice with a fire pit on the lawn by the house and a fire pit on the waterfront.  The dogs can be off leash at the water.

I'm still debating on whether to trial Yoko or not.  She is getting kind of set in her ways.  If she makes the lift, we can usually do pretty well.  But, on the way out to the sheep she overthinks everything.  She starts to get stressed on her outrun because she knows I don't want her to bite on the lift.  She bites when sheep don't move.  Not a horribly bad trait, but one that can get you disqualified at a trial in a heartbeat.  I think it's more my problem overthinking what she might do. I should just enter her.
We'll see.
Another cool thing at the trial is that Temple Grandin is going to speak.  I have read several of her books, so it will be fun to hear her speak on Saturday night.  If you don't know who Temple is you should watch her movie.  She is an autistic lady that has a special connection with animals.  She developed a more humane way of moving cattle in the slaughter yards to their death.  I guess you need to read the book or see the movie to "get it."

It's been a bitch of a winter here.  Snow, snow and more snow.  The good thing is that it doesn't stick around for long.  Since our winter temps are rather moderate it melts pretty fast.  I'm always like a kid in a candy shop when it snows.  I get so excited.  Not too excited when I stepped out onto the porch to go get Trouble, flying through the air hitting the elevated garden box below.  Bruised and cracked one rib. Ouch.  I still can't sleep on my right side. It's going to be another month or two of healing.  At least my ribs weren't displaced.  Been there, done that, about 7 years ago.  I swear it took 4-6 months to feel right.

I should be fine, health wise, for the rest of the year.  In January I had an endometrial polyp removed in Seattle, colonoscopy with polyp removal, pap, mammogram, and a CT of my lungs to follow up on some small nodule discovered a few years ago.  Everything came back A-OK.  I'm good to go.

I have enjoyed (volunteering)working the medical free clinic here in Sequim. I'm still an Alternate at the Chamber of Commerce for the Visitor Information Center.

I got rid of the VW.  FINALLY.  They actually bought it back for what they said they would.  Now, I have more room in my garage.  So what did I do?  I went out and bought myself a 1992 Club Car.  Haha A Golf cart to tool around in to visit my neighbors.

Taking a few classes in Photoshop.  I am trying to get the hang of layers.  I still have lots to learn about photography.  I have purchased some new and second hand GOOD lenses though.  It's not about the camera.  It's about the lens.  I just purchased a 70-200 USM, a 11mm-16mm wide angle lens and my favorite, a 100 mm 2.8 lens. I love to take photos.  It is so relaxing for me.  I love to paint, so I hope to combine these two hobbies as soon as I learn more.

                                            Took this photo with the 70-200 USM lens

                                               Took this with the wide angle lens

Playing with painting

That's about it.

Oh, what about Wayne?  Still don't know.  The roses were from him on Valentine's Day.  Other than that I haven't heard much.  That's the God's honest truth.

So I will live my life as I have been, enjoying every day and being filled with gratitude.  I try not to think too much.  I'm pretty sure I am on the path I was meant to follow.

Namaste :)


Anonymous said...

Good to hear from ya. Are the drunken sheep you and your friends?


Karen said...

I'm pretending I'm clicking the 'Like' button!