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Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Whatever I am thinking, I am attracting.  If you see it in you mind, you are going to hold it in your hand.  It's the law of positivity (pawsitivity, if you like).
I meditate a lot these days.  I find it brings me great joy and peace.

I can only take care of myself.  I can care for others by bringing positive energy into their lives, but I can't change their thinking or what they are feeling.  Those that concentrate on the negative, feed themselves with the negative.  It's all about 'The energy.' The GOOD energy.

These days I concentrate on what I would like to do.  I try to dismiss negative thinking.  Negative thoughts usually bring back to you the very negative things you don't want.  Sound like mumbo jumbo?  Maybe, but it certainly has been working for me this year.

It's hard not to think negative thoughts about Wayne, so negative is exactly what I am getting.  I am trying to think only about positive thoughts.  It remains to be seen if this is going to work for me.  There was a reason we had a sign over our bedroom door that said 'Good morning God" and "Good God it's morning." I'm sure you can tell the first phrase relates to me, the second to him.

I have always been a happy person even with my life crumbling around me (Or it may have seemed to be crumbling around me).  But, even enduring cancer, chemo and radiation, I found positive ways to bring energy to myself and others.  I repeat, "It's all about The Energy."

Looking to the future, I feel as though I would like to travel around the United States.  I would like to make this a reality.  I have friends just about everywhere around the country.  I love to drive.  My hobby, other than my dogs, is taking photographs.  I would like to see some of the National Parks I haven't had a chance to visit yet.  Maybe I could take a dog or two and hit some trials with The Champster while we are on the road.

What about the home front?  What about your husband?  I'm not sure at this time.  I do know it will all work out.  My only road blocks would be negative thinking.  Set your sights a little higher....Haha A favorite saying of one of my friends.  So in accordance, I will.  Stay tuned.

For now, I will just let the energies flow.  I'm not on a time table.  Things will come to me as they are needed.  I will just stay happy and energized and we will see what happens :0)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Suzanne!
Love, your cousins,
Cantrell & Marie
Reno-Tahoe, NV

Tony M. said...

Good post.