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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Another birthday....

Hard to believe I will 67 yrs. old January 19th.  I guess my birthday present this year was getting some great Eagle photos last week.  I used my Canon Rebel kit lens, because that's the only zoom lens I own.  Luck was with me and I got some nice photographs.
Meanwhile my first new expensive macro/portrait lens I didn't have for a week when a toddler through a handful of rocks at my camera chipping the lens.  Thank-you Jesus, I had insurance.  But, you know how long it takes to replace items.  It should be coming sometime this month from B and H Camera.  Dang, I sure would have liked to have had it over Christmas.  C'est la vie.
I love photography.  I find it so relaxing to take a few hours to go shoot anything that looks interesting.  It's very meditative for me plus I love meeting people and seeing new places.

How cold has it been?  Too damn cold.  Last winter it was really mild.  I don't think we ever got below 30 degrees.  This winter we have had our fair share of snow for Sequim while getting into the teens a few times.  Once it gets below 30 degrees, Trouble and I aren't happy.
The other day I walked Champ to the local park.  You can see just how ICY cold it was outside.

  The other day I dropped by Jamestown Beach, minutes from my house. Lo and behold there were hundreds of Brants feeding.  They are a small billed Goose that is a common local winter resident here.  In the background is Mount Baker.

We have lots of varieties of Sea Gulls here.  I enjoy feeding them while watching their antics.

I just had my 9th colonoscopy.  Can you imagine!  How friggin' AWFUL is that?  Count your lucky stars.  This is when I wish I had a different type of cancer other than the one I had where the sun don't shine.  Lordy.  Anyway, they removed a precancerous polyp and said we will see you back here again in 2 years.  TWO years?  No break for me.  Well, I guess I have received a break.  I have been in remission for 8 years.

Off to Seattle for surgery in a few days.  Hey, this getting older really isn't for sissies!  They are going to remove a small endometrial mass.  My neighbor is going to drive me and my friend, Bonnie is going to care for the dogs for me.  Thank goodness for good neighbors and friends!

Now these 3 knuckleheads LOVE the snow.  Well, they pretty much LOVE everything about life.  I guess that's where I get my optimism from....them!  It's hard to believe that Kilt will be 13 yrs. old, Yoko turns 9 yrs. old on my birthday, and Champ just turned 5 yrs. old.  Plus, Trouble will be 15 yrs. old in May.  None of us are getting younger.  I see all of my friends getting pups, but my inner voice tells me I'm getting a bit too old to add another canine to my crew.  That kind of sucks, doesn't it.  Oh well.  It's a fact.

I finally sold my Ducks.  It's the first time I have ever placed an ad on Craig's list.  A lovely couple from Port Angeles with an English Shepherd bought them.  Just as well, they were pretty pen sour and this one particular Drake liked to give Champ a hard time.  Plus, I'm kind of glad that they are gone, because they were a lot of work in the snow and cold weather.  I'll pick up some new poultry maybe this spring.

I'm already for Spring.  LOL  I know, I know.  It's still January :0(

Yeah, Trouble is still here.  Not the greatest photo, but she isn't happy about the weather.  Snow and temps in the 30's she can handle.  But, when it got into the 20's, she said, "This is Bullshit." She has a heat disc that I warm for her every day.  I put it on the couch with a blanket over it and there she sits.

We are both waiting for warmer weather :0)  Time to thaw.


Karen said...

Glad you got relatively good news with the colonoscopy!! I've had two...for my first one, the anesthesiologist was my next door neighbour. Did I feel 'em bare assed' or what!

Anonymous said...

"Bottoms Up!"