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Friday, December 9, 2016

That was the year that was......2016

It started with a heartbreaking several months.  But, I'm pretty good at pulling myself up by my bootstraps.  I'm not a depressed person.  I get up everyday filled with gratitude even when things are looking rather bleak in my little corner of the world.

Life is full of anxiety and things that go wrong along with unexpected hiccups.  I don't have the corner on that market, that's for sure.  I do have a roof over my head with a spectacular view of the mountains along with being minutes away from the water.  I count my blessings daily.

And, then there are my dogs.  God Bless the dogs.  They are such a comfort to me.  You can't buy unconditional love like theirs.  Wherever I go, they go.  They are always eager to travel with me.  They never complain.  They just go with the flow.  I have learned to follow suit.  Just let 'er ride.

I did very little trialling this year.  Yoko had some great runs winning one tricky open class. Champ has been growing up and becoming for fun to trail. Kilt is my "go to" dog when I really need independent thinking.  I love all 3 of them.  They don't care about trialling.  It's really for the handler anyway.  But, all 3 LOVE to work, so we continue to do just that when time permits.

Just to be able to look out my picture windows watching the seasons evolve, studying the abundant wildlife and birds has been a constant source of pleasure for me.  I have a very large coyote pack that lives next to my west woods.  I have learned to live harmoniously with them (thus far).  I have LED outside lights that I put on before allowing dogs out at dark and dusk.  Champ wants nothing to do with coyotes, but my girls will chase them.  I try to walk outside every time with Trouble who is an hor d'oeuvre for many of the local predators.  At night I bundle up with her and walk next to her.  There are too many barred owls in the woods to allow her brightly stand out, all 10 pounds of her in her white coat.

I stopped volunteering full time for the Chamber of Commerce, now being an alternate for the Visitor Information Center.  I love everyone that helps out there.  I still stop by with homemade treats every so often and to say hi.  I had a great Thanksgiving dinner with the Chamber and was honored to take home too many gifts for my service with them.

I am volunteering now for the Dungeness Valley Health and Wellness Clinic in Sequim.  It is a free medical clinic made up of mostly community volunteers.  It was started by a Parish nurse and is basically community supported by all of the medical centers and people in the community. My role when I am there is Nurse Manager.   I have lots to learn about clinic nursing.  So far, they have been pretty gentle with me while I am learning the ropes.  My hours there go towards my Retired Active Washington Nursing License.  That's a RN license the allows you to get paid 3 mos. out of the year for nursing work you might find.

I had been on Wayne's Aetna Lockheed policy, but January 1st I have made the switch over to straight Medicare with a Medigap plan.  We'll see how that works out for me.  I do need to see if I can afford a dental plan of some sort.  That really freaks me out not having dental :0(

I didn't do as much kayaking as I wanted to do this year.  I hope to do more next year.  I did travel to Colorado for the National Sheepdog Finals with all of my dogs.  I had a blast.  I am so happy I had the foresight to rent a golf cart for the week to haul the dogs and myself around.  I really enjoyed my travels, especially seeing my first wild antelope herds on the road.  And, getting to see a large flock of immature Golden Eagles during my travels.

I enjoyed having many friends fly and drive to Sequim spending some time with me this year.  I love to show people around the peninsula.  I'm always exploring new roads, new places, etc.  It's what I love to do. With the moderate temps and rainfall here, it is a wildlife paradise with more activities than you can possibly do!

I purchased some ducks this year.  I got 8 Indian Runners crossed with a little Welsh Harlequin.  I gave 3 back, because 5 was just the right amount of ducks.  They are all males (drakes).  I have had lots of duck stories to share since their arrival.  The breeder told me they had too much Indian runner in them to fly.  One morning when they got to about 7 mos. of age a couple flew around the lower pasture!  Imagine my surprise.  The next day 3 flew off to never never land.  Fortunately, they arrived home as I was putting up the lonely twosome in their night shed.  I was glad since the temp was in the 20s and we were expecting more snow. The next morning my neighbor helped me clip their wings.  They had fun while it lasted.  Never assume when people tell you stuff.  LOL  Just like in nursing....NEVER assume.

This year we actually got up to 92 degrees and thus, far, down to 23 degrees.  I have been here 2 1/2 years and both of those temps are coldest and warmest it has been.  I can handle moderate temps.

I lost a few friends this year.  Heartbreaking, but it is the reality that none of us are here forever.  That's why it is so important to wake up with gratitude for the things you do have each and every morning.  As you get older, you realize 'Don't sweat the small stuff.  It's all small stuff."  We are all unique individuals and many are fighting their own battles.  I have learned NOT to try to change someone.  It uses up my energy for naught.  People will ask or seek help if they want it.

Why do we become so smart when our bodies are starting to break down?  Wisdom creeps in slowly, maybe to prepare us for our last days on earth.  I'm not sure, but I do feel lots of aches and pains that come and go of late.  And, if one more doctor says, "I think we should have this checked out."  Ha...Just saying'

I'm very excited to have my son and grandson coming for several days over Christmas!  I feel this is the greatest gift I could have ever wished for!!!!!!  I know what you are thinking.  What about Wayne?  Honestly, I'm not sure.  I'm going to leave it at that.  I can't control anyone nor do I care to anymore.  I can only control my own actions and my own happiness.  geez...what a Guru I have become.  It must be those brownies and the singing bowls.  hahahahaha

Happy to have snow on the ground.  We get just enough that it looks and feels like winter.  All is well.  Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for the New Year!

                                                                     Maxine and my son

                                                          Me and my Grandson


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Great update!

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