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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Late summer update

Ductless heat pump is in now.  I will give it a rating after this winter haha.  It is whisper quiet and almost half what a regular heat pump would cost.  Plus, it should be more efficient and save on the electric bill.  I have only had one electric bill over $100 here, so unlike California.

I'm still working on the "leak,"  A whole new shower fixing and fittings were put in.  The copper piper was strapped well and all the fittings are correct.  Unfortunately, what a mess.  A carpet guy ripped up the carpet and tore the pad out.  I have been using a fan and a heater daily blowing on the damp areas.  I also have been spraying H2O2.  Tomorrow I will scrub the floor with peroxide.  Then I need to get the carpet people back and find a drywall man.  Wayne could do the drywall, but I really don't want him to have to look forward to that at Christmas.

My new neighbors from Louisiana are here for 3 weeks.  They are putting in a tree line fence to separate our properties.  It is so unnecessary, but they are staking their claim, I guess.  We all (neighbors on the trail) used the field below to walk.  My dogs made their remarks about what they thought of the new tree line. They made me laugh.  Good dogs.

My dogs are a constant source of amusement :0)

Lots of fun going on of course.  Teri Meredyth was trialling her Belgian Tervurens up here in the Gig harbor/Auburn area.  She found time to come to Sequim for the afternoon.  We had a glass of wine and I gave her the condensed scenic Sequim tour.

They got a chance to stretch their legs at the beach.  Just a light drizzle.

Then, the Snepp family came to Sequim.  i LOVE the Snepp family.  They are probably the only Border Collie groupies in the country.  They have no BCs, but attend all of the BIG sheepdog trials.  

Karen's mother, Sue stayed back at the hotel.  She was smart.  She probably knew it was going to be smokey and that they were repaving the road to Hurricane Ridge.  That made for lots of traffic.  I was so fortunate to be able to go as a "passenger" (rare for me) with Karen and her father Karl, who did the driving.  Then we all got together for a lovely dinner :)

Even with 5 lightning strike fires still smoking, the ridge is a beautiful place.  Hurricane ridge is about one hour from my house.

Artists were here, there, and everywhere doing their thing.

An unusual shot I took on the Ridge with a bit of processing.  I think this will be my photography niche.  I love to paint and take photographs.  In college I loved painting abstracts.  I think I will continue down this path for awhile.  

I am preparing the RV for a trip to Colorado (Carbondale) to see the National Sheepdog Finals.  It has been a few years since I attended the finals.  I'm volunteering and staying on the trial grounds.  My dogs are going with me.  I am going to leave Champ home with Patricia (where he works sheep) Two BCs and an old JRT are enough to care for for the long travel time in the van.  I have to pack for any type of weather.  Could be hot, rainy, windy, etc.  Hard to tell in Sept.  I wanted to hit Yellowstone, too, but i will put that on the back burner when Wayne finally settles here.

Speaking of Wayne.  I think he found a room to rent in West Lancaster, close enough to Lockheed.  He has only looked at about 12 rooms.  He says all of the people are weird.  He's probably right.  But, he had a good feeling about this particular place, plus it is in a very quiet neighborhood. I knew he would find a place before winter...LOL   Living out of your truck is no piece of cake.

I have some arties now.  Whoo hoo.

My neighbor's rhubarb start has taken off!

Last year I had one apple the size of a cantaloupe.  This late winter my neighbor helped me prune the apple tree way back.  This is how many apples I shook off of it this evening.  I love the fact that I can actually grow stuff here!

Lots to do before I take off Sept. 10th for a couple of weeks to Colorado.  Enjoy what's left of summer.  More stories later in September!

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