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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Wayniac visit

SIX days went by in a FLASH, more like in a heartbeat.  Boo Hiss.  Wayne got to about half my honey-do list.  I so tried to find time for us to RELAX.  It was difficult because time wouldn't stop flying by us!
We had the hottest weather since I have been here in over two years.  I'm sure Wayne brought it with him.  It actually got to 93 degrees yesterday.  I have never seen it over 90 degrees.  It once was 89 degrees when my grandson came for a visit.  Hey, you So Cal men, keep that heat there!
Wayne looked good.  He needs to change his diet.  Living out of your truck is not conducive to good nutrition.  Can you say fast food?  Someone asked if he had found a place to live yet?  No, but I'm sure he will before winter (LOL).  He has our king size mattress in the back of his diesel truck.  He is staying at a mobile home park (he knows the manager) He has a pool, clubhouse with TV, pool table, and showers.  And, it is FREE.  I can't be too disturbed about it because I can live out of Avalanche truck and have on many, many trips.  I'm sure he will find a place to live when the temps start dropping.
I am RIGHT brained and Wayne is LEFT brained.  I had already bought him an organizer, placing it on dining room table for his wallet, keys, glasses, etc.  First thing, he lost his insulin.  Thank goodness, Jeanne was kind enough to have our pharmacy give him some new insulin pens.  (Jeanne, Rick and Wayne and I were married in a double wedding some 32/33 years ago.)  I don't think any of us know for sure without getting the wedding certificate out.  LOL
The organizer did help some.  I keep forgetting he hasn't been here that many times, so he really doesn't know where certain things are.  I ate a marajuana brownie to be able to cope.  hahahaha Relax Suzanne.  We are so Yin and Yang.  It's really quite funny.  But, I know down deep, he has a very good heart.  And, I know he loves me very much. As I do him.

I got Wayne a singing crystal bowl for our anniversary in the keynote of B which coincides with the 7th Chakra, the crown.  It gives spiritual energy/transcendence.  It played beautifully the first time he asked the bowl to play it.  We went to the Friday meditation group.  They have every bowl but the keynote B, so it was a pleasant surprise.  They all know Wayne from previous sit ins on meditation.  Everyone said the B note was one of the sweetest sounding of all of the bowls in the room :0)

When Wayne arrived I had the Rocket transportation drop him off at Kitsap State park where I picked him up.  We went to Poulsbo for the evening.  My good friend Bonnie was being featured as artist of the month in one of the local galleries.  I so love her photo which won her the 2016 National Wildlife Audubon award this year and will be hanging in the Smithsonian museum for a year.  Wayne purchased a "metal" rendition which Bonnie made in her studio for me for our anniversary.  It is now hanging over my computer desk.  It's an inspiration for me to be a better photographer.

I am just finishing up my photography class with the college.  I have been learning how to wean myself off of AUTO.  This is one of the pics I took while Wayne was here (Actually, he was still sleeping).  I am one of those pop-up people.  He is the opposite.  So much to learn, little time.  I have really enjoyed the class.  Next week is our last lesson.  I have been doing very well in the amateur division at our local photography club in Sequim.  It's a large membership of pros and masters.  I'm not too sure how many of amateurs are in the club, though.

I'm sure Wayne would like to call for a SWITCH.  Bill came by with his field mower and did our lower acreage.  I bet it is the first time it has been mowed in over a decade.  Wayne rode our little John Deere mower to do the intricate work :0)  I don't think the deer were too happy with us removing their bedding down areas.  But, they have long grass by the pond.  The Elk are still in the high country.  I haven't seen them all summer.

So, of course there were yellow jacket nests that had to be taken care of in the field along with about 12 nests in the rafters of our high roof with wasps that needed to be sprayed.  There was very little down time while Wayne was here.

Plus, one evening we took a 3 hour class at Brian's Sporting Goods and learned all of the hotspots to fish for Steelhead and Salmon on the peninsula.  I know Wayne really enjoyed that class.  No problem picking him out a Christmas present :0)

Since Wayne retires next year at the age of 60, we did take time to get some senior assistance.  We have a fabulous place here in Sequim that has all of the answers when it comes to Medicare, etc. Wayne was really impressed how much the lady in charge knew.  I knew he would be impressed, so all went well there.  He has all the information he needs and will be doing the crunching of numbers in the next few weeks.  I am already retired, but Wayne can't collect #SS until he is 66 1/2.

We also took time to stop in at the John Wayne Dock side grill for an order of their manilla clams and mahi mahi tacos.  Oh my.  Soooooo good!  I didn't have to twist his arm about going to lunch on the water :0)

Then, of course, all hell broke loose.  A leak was discovered from the piping behind the shower wall that adjoins to the closet in the hallway.  At first we thought Trouble had peed there.  Two days later, I knew it must be Champ, because he can pee a boatload.  Way wrong.  I did some further investigation that found the drywall and carpet wet in the hall closet.  Ugh.  Wayne started tearing out drywall.  We located a plumbing company that said they would have to charge us "after hour" charges.  All's well that ends well.  He charged us the normal rate and got a nice tip from us.  Whomever put the copper piping in didn't strap the piping to the studs, so it kept wiggling until the CPVC plumbing piping cracked :0(   Anyway, a temporary fix was done, so we have water and can shower.  They will be here in a week or two to finish the job.  That's fine, because I have to dry out and chlorox the whole area anyway.

Also, we had an appointment with a ductless heat pump company. Ductless is becoming a way to cool and heat and open house such as ours.  They have been using it in Europe for a long time.  Our OLD heat pump has not been serviced in over a decade.  The fins are raveled/shredded.  It still works, but now we are replacing it with a ductless system that will be more efficient. That will happen on Monday.

Plus, while Wayne was here we got the broken bolts to the manifold, front and rear, on the Avalanche taken care of plus flushed the transmission.  I love this truck more than any vehicle I have ever had. So, even though it has over 200,000 miles on it, I'm going to try to keep it going.  Wayne took time to change the oil and filter plus buy me a new battery for my generator in the RV.  The only thing we didn't get to was the VW brakes.  I can take it to the an auto place to get that done later this month.

So as you can see there was hardly any down time.  Plus we bought a Traeger pellet stove and cooked dinner for the neighbors and Bonnie one night.  We made a prime rib roast.  It was lovely.  The Yorkshire pudding was an epic fail.  Next time I will just buy Pillsbury crescent rolls and use them for the Yorkshire pudding  LOL

I finally made Wayne go to the beach with me on his last night.  I am so glad we did.  The sunset was awesome, the full moon rising even more awesome plus the wildlife at the beach was even better.  Seals were slapping the water with their flippers chasing fish and about 500 geese came to land at the Dungeness spit and in the water close by for the night.  They roam the fields for food during the day and then seek a more protective place to stay the night.  It was a spectacular sight.

I found where the 500 plus geese were staying until they flew to the Dungeness spit.

The beach which is just a short drive from the house.  It was an awesome evening. 

The pink glow of the Dungeness lighthouse at the end of the spit.

A romantic ending to a very nice week.  Too bad we were both so tired all we did was kiss each other good night.  Oh well, Wayne will be back in December and up here for good in April.

Meanwhile, I have a lot on my plate coming up.  Who knew?  LOL

Looking forward to going to Hurricane Ridge next week with the Snepp family.  Planning on a 10 day trip in September to Colorado for the National Sheepdog finals in Carbondale, Co. plus a visit to a coworker who just moved to Colorado.  The first weekend in October my girlfriend, Melodie is flying in from So Cal for a long weekend.  Yea!  Then, in mid October I will be going back to Bandon by the Sea, Or. for a nose work trial for Yoko on the beach.  I will be sure to do some horseback riding on the beach while I am there. Plus, I'd like to take time to visit my son on his property in Roseburg.

Then, winter will be arriving.  This will be my third winter by myself.  I got this.  Though, I'm really looking forward to having Wayne here with me :)

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