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Monday, July 25, 2016

Jet's Story

I never knew what PTSD really was other than reading about it in my nursing books; that was until the San Francisquito Copper fire that almost wiped us completely out, Jet included. Then came the Powerhouse fire up the canyon. That's when I experienced PTSD first hand. The utter feeling of helplessness knowing that there would be a chance I could NOT get to my animals was a feeling of overwhelming panic. I managed well during the first fire. With each fire, it was like knowing there was a chance your kids would burn to death. The first, second, and third big fires that roared up our canyon happened when I was at work with the ER calling me to tell me there was a fire close to my home. Flashbacks, tears, sweat, palpitations, along with not being able to catch my breath was almost more than I could endure. Pictures in my mind of the first fire with the feeling of utter hopelessness flooded over me. Every time they closed a road towards my home or I saw smoke, I was a basket case. That is when I knew I had to move, with or without my husband. That is how I came to buy a home in the PNW.  People have asked me to write Jet's story.  It is in 2 parts. I will blog it because it is lengthy. He also endured PTSD from the Copper fire. But, he handled the future fires better than I did. Jet was just an amazing Border Collie. I am so fortunate to have had a dog like him in my lifetime. And, to think he made the move to Sequim with me and now is buried on my property here. I think God had a hand in that....

I took his story from the Clicker Journal. I hope you can blow it up enough to read it. 😁