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Sunday, July 24, 2016

What's new in the zoo?

I'm broke.  That's what.  The dogs (Vet bills) are killing me.  But, the joy they bring me is well worth it (I guess).  I don't guess, I know so.  It's still a big OUCH to the pocket book.

Yoko is doing fabulously with her nose-work.  I took her to a mock trial over on Whidbey Island at a farm in Langley.  She was awesome winning the exterior search and 2nd in vehicles search.  We have or rather "I" have more work to do to get proficient in interior and container searches.

Champ is trying harder and harder.  I hope to start trialling them again (on sheep) this winter.  I took a few lessons with Derek Fisher to help me be a better partner with him.  I never understand why there are so many winter trials here in Washington?  They have awesome summer weather.  Doesn't that beat slogging around in ankle deep mud in the winter?  Maybe it's PNW tradition.  haha

The house closed Escrow.  It is a miracle!  In the line of fire and the drought.  Lots of praying and thinking optimistic thoughts.  Lordy...someone up there likes us.  Now, moving on to sell the wreck of a rental in Shelton, Wa.  We dropped the price and we will see what happens.  Surely, someone will come along and want to fix it up to flip it.

What is Wayne doing right now?  He is looking for a place to live.  Living out of your truck and Motel 6 is getting a bit old, especially, since he doesn't retire until March 2017.  I'm sure he will find something that will suit him, sooner rather than later.  He is flying up for our August anniversary.  I think it is 34 years this year.

I am taking a class at Brian's Sporting Goods in town on Salmon and Steelhead river fishing.  Wayne will be here for the last class.  Brian said to bring him along.  There are so many things I like to do.  The dogs are a big part of my life, but I have lots of other interests.  I landed in a good place.  Sequim has everything I like to do and then, some.

I bought a new camera, Canon 80D.  But, it's kind of like the new cars of today.  There is too much to learn.  It does everything, but the dishes!  Thankfully, I am friends with Bonnie Block.  She is helping me figure things out.  Plus, I'm taking the class on shooting in manual to nix my habit of always shooting on auto.  I think Bonnie said it is the difference between an artist and a photographer.  I need to learn how my camera works, so I can control better outcomes.

Next thing is I need GOOD lenses.  All I have is a couple of cheapies.  The lenses make the camera;  not the other way around.  Thankfully Bonnie has a ton of lenses.  So I will ask her to try one every now and then to see if I like it.

I have a lot of work ahead of me with my new camera.  Bonnie said it took her almost 2 years to figure everything out to be proficient at setting the controls for what she was shooting and in what light.  So I guess that will keep me out of trouble for awhile :0)

Below is Bonnie Block's AWESOME 2016 National Audubon Society photograph winner.  Her photo will be hanging in the Smithsonian Institute for the next year.  She does amazing work.

I have trekked along with Bonnie to watch the bald eagles harass the blue herons over small fish that get caught up in the oyster beds by Seabeck.  I don't have any close up lenses like hers,' but I do so enjoy just going to watch the "show."

Where are the Elk?  That is the million dollar question.  It has been 3 months and I haven't seen the herd or the bachelor bulls either.  And, I have pretty good Elk eyes plus I get around all over Sequim. My only guess is that they have taken to the high country for awhile.

I just heard from my grandson.  He is spending a week or more with my son on his property in Roseburg. Now, I must go check my calendar to see if I can make the 7 hour drive down there for a visit.  


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