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Monday, June 6, 2016

Nothing comes easy

I'm a Caprcorn.  Nothing comes easy for me.  I always have to work at it if I want something.  God just doesn't hand stuff over to me on a silver platter.  The only time I really had it easy was growing up with my folks.  Of course, you never really realize how great you had it until you are on your own trying to make it in life.
I have always been surrounded by animals growing up, so depression wasn't even a possibility for me.  My parents didn't have the perfect marriage.  My mother was outgoing, strong lady who never worked a day in her life.  She had her Masters degree in sociology from Duke University where she met my father.  My Pop had his Masters in forestry, but after serving in WWII he fell into avionics for a good paying job to raise a family.
My mother always fought a deep, dark depression. Thankfully, I took after my Pop.  He was my hero all of my life.  He provided well for our family.  He was a wonderful husband to a difficult wife, fabulous father, an officer, and a gentleman.
Mother dressed us, fed us, and kept us up 'with the Jone's.'  Pop taught us about the land, wildlife, chivalry, and fun. Both were animal lovers.  We were lucky kids.

I have always been an "open book."  I lay my cards on the table for all to see.  Secrecy just isn't my way.  Everything I have learned in life has had a lesson(s) that I feel may help someone else traveling through their lives.

Wayne is doing well, healthy, and back to his norm.  Thank God for small favors, eh?  I knew he was about to croak.  The nurse in me recognized the cries for help.  He is a good person.  He just got a bit sidetracked into addiction and depression.  I'm proud of him.  He calls daily, is attentive (more than ever) not a whole lot of chances to screw up here :)  He is flying out for our anniversary in August for a week.

The houses:  what a cluster you know what this is going to be.  The well in Green Valley, Ca. didn't pass (meet LA county regulations), so now we are looking at our dismal options.  One good note as far as the banks lending money is they passed a regulation the is allowing people to build without good wells by trucking water in to unincorporated areas of LA county.  We are in one of those unincorporated areas.  That just means the banks are looking at ways that they can still continue to make money during the drought.  Our house fell out of the first escrow and is in a second escrow at the moment.

The disaster of a rental (tax shelter) in Shelton, Wa. we are just trying to come out even.  Finally, the renters are out.  That took awhile. But, now $$ to get the place to sell (kind of).  It is being listed as of this month.  Lordy, I wanted to sell both of these places decades ago, but that's water under the bridge now.  We have to deal with what we have today.  One way or another, we'll get er done.

I keep giving Wayne "encouragement" and "positive" vibes.  I think he feels like he will be living the rest of his life in Green Valley and me here in Sequim.  We have options.  I just feel badly for him that I have the dogs; he has none.  The dogs keep me from ever getting depressed.  As soon as Wayne says the "stress" word, I tell him he has NO stress.  He is alive.  We are still together. :0)

So, my sheep trialling is all on the back burner for this year.  My dogs are happy to do most anything that keeps them active.  Sheep trialling is really for the handlers.  It is a fun competition that shows them where the holes in their dog's work are and where the holes in their handling are.  The dogs really could care less about the trialling experience. They just wanna WORK.

I found a photography class locally that starts in July.  It his all about using manual instead of 'auto' focus with your camera.  Much needed.  I signed up.  I also have put in some photos into competition with a local photography club.  Of course, I entered them not according to their specifications. They fixed them for me and will help me with the particulars at this week's meeting. Sigh.....

Glad we got through the little HOT spell.  We are back to norm in the 60's again.  Thank goodness.  Though, our beach trip was welcomed by me and the dogs (just above Port Angeles).  Take care, have fun, and be happy that you got up today!  What else is there to worry about, really?

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