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Monday, April 18, 2016

Olympic Birdfest

What a fabulous warm and lovely three day weekend for the Olympic Birdfest.

I live in paradise, I tell you.  Sometimes you have to hit some bumps and maybe even some ditches to get to where you know you belong.  Same is for Wayne.  I think he hit bottom and is on his way up.  He wants to retire here with me.  I knew that all along, no matter what friends or family might have thought.  It was a struggle.  That I know.  I want him here, also.  When you look at a dog starved by some stupid human and the dog is still wagging his tail even if the human didn't feed him, without any ill feelings, there is a message there. It is hard for us humans to do, isn't it, to forgive.  Animals are able to give unconditional love.  Humans, not really.  Our love comes with conditions.  We get hurt.  We judge.  Learning to release is hard work.  Compassion really does come with forgiveness.

Thus far, the house is on the market for sale on the 20th in Green Valley.  We have a deposit on the toy hauler which should leave the property by this weekend.  When the house sells (Lord willing' and the creeks don't rise) I told Wayne to just put what furniture that is left on the street.  It will be gone in minutes.

Only a few more things to get rid of (downsize) and we will feel cleansed!  The heroin addicts in our Shelton rental have to vacate May 1st.  Not sure what it will entail to fix the place up to sell, but we just want to break even.  We are fine with that.  It was a nice tax write off for many years.

Then once Wayne gets up here next April (2017) we will look at downsizing even more with vehicles, etc.  Putting that on the back burner for the moment,

Looking forward to Wayne coming May 5th through the 14th.  He will be here for 3 days by himself while I am at the Aled Owen clinic, but he is coming at a great time for the Irrigation festival.  The irrigation festival marks the day that everyone can use their irrigation waters again until late fall. There is lots going on in walking distance....lumberjacks, strong man competition, wood sculpturing, tractor pulls, etc.  It should be a fun time.

We are having a couple of exceptionally warm days almost close to 80 degrees here right now. That won't last for long, so ENJOY it while you have it.  Spring has sprung and now it is time to mow, mow, mow and weed, weed, weed :0)  It's all good.

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