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Thursday, April 14, 2016


I traveled over 3000 miles in 3 weeks.  I'm home now and will take a week's break.  Then I will start up another whirlwind month.....Olympic birdfest, Fido farms trial, and Bandon by the Sea trial, moving on into May for an advanced handler clinic with Aled Owens. Also, in May, Wayne is flying up for the Irrigation festival. This festival has parades, a strong man competition, logging, wood sculpturing, tractor pull, car shows, etc. I think he will enjoy it.  I did last year.

Then I will most likely put sheep dogging on a summer hold for a few months.  I've had a lot on my plate this year and I think I need to slow things down.

I'd really like to go watch the sheepdog finals in Colorado and then journey on to Yellowstone in September.  I sponsored Gloria Atwater and Nick for the USBCHA finals.  She has been working hard and placing well.  I love how she works her own dogs.  I won't be trialling enough to get points this year.  Sorry, I didn't go with Champ the last two years.  But, who knows what the future holds in store for us.

I didn't really take a week's rest upon arriving home, because we have had so much rain everything is GROWING like crazy!  I have been weed whacking, mowing, pulling weeds, planting and so forth.  Since I have been working around the home front so hard I have been sleeping some 8-10 hours a night.  Highly unusual for me, but welcomed.  The weather in Sequim has been picture perfect. A few beautiful sunny days and then a cloudy or rainy day or two.

I'm excited to be home.  I'm happy that Wayne looks like he is on the road to recovery.  My dogs were just as happy to get back to Sequim as I was.  It's HOME.  This weekend is the Olympic Birdfest.  Friday I am hiking with an Audubon group out by the Dungeness spit.  I'm charging my camera batteries as we speak.  Saturday I am going out with a Birder group on a boat to Protection Island.  The boat leaves from the Marina a few miles away.  I had such fun last year, so I am, again, looking forward to this short expedition.  Then, Sat. night I am going on my first Owl hunt.  It is from 9 PM until midnight.  I haven't a clue.  It will be a new adventure :0)

Never a dull moment here.  Life looks like it is getting back on more of an emotional even keel which is very much welcomed.  I'm also glad to be out of rattlesnake land and back into garter snake territory. I brought back a couple of rattles with me just to remind me how much I love living here in Sequim.  Pretty soon it will be warm enough for me to go kayaking.  I can't wait.

Spring has sprung here.  Hopefully my eastern friends are having their last blast of snow!  We are averaging in the mid 40's here, but I think we will get close to 60 this weekend.  It can stay Spring forever :0)


Amy Coapman said...

Such a joyful post - I'm so happy for you, Suzanne!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like there might be a little sugar in your coffee this time...