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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Dang, this has been a WET month.  A bit unusual for the "Blue Hole" where I live in Sequim.  Lucky for me, our culverts are working well and the water is raging through them down the hill.  The pond has a fish ladder and it is spilling over into the creek which now has become a small river.  The lawn is a little more than soggy.  Rain boots required.  Not good to wear clogs or you will come in with wet socks.

Champ is coming up on a month of training with Maggi.  He has a torn toenail that has side lined him for a bit.  Yoko has finished week two of her Nose Work class.  She is over the top about all of the 'free treats.'  Seems kind of dumb to spend $20 per class to give her treats in boxes, but hopefully, it will become more interesting in later classes.  She's fine with it, but it's a bit boring for me at the moment.

Fabulous having Gloria Atwater here for barely 24 hours.  We crammed in as much as possible as well as allowing down time for her to regroup.  I know Yoko and I enjoyed her company.  We ate like queens, I must admit.  Steamed clams and oysters on the half shell seasoned to perfection with beers of our choice at the marina.  I could have died and gone to heaven right there.  Then, I picked up a couple of HUGE Dungeness crabs that I steamed for dinner.  Though, these rather large crabs weren't as sweet as the ones I had several months earlier.  Must have something to do with size, season, and what they are eating.  But, I don't think either of us complained ;)

My very best friends, one house above me, have left for the winter to San Diego.  Thankfully, we keep in touch by text.  But, I am already missing them a lot.  They showed me where the key to their house is in case the weather is ugly and I need to borrow something or if something just doesn't look right.  The next neighbors up and the ones below me are wonderful people, too.  I am blessed landed right where I did on Elk Heights Trail.  My neighbors sign their emails and texts, "See ya on the trail."  :)

Tomorrow I will contact the Clallam County homeless shelter to see how I might be able to help out over Christmas.  I am still enjoying volunteering at the Visitor Information Center weekly.  I meet the greatest people!  Plus, I am now part of the Singing Bowls group that meets on Friday mornings and the drumming group that meets monthly.  Got my ZEN stuff down! And, I LOVE it.

As far as I know Wayne is still coming this way for maybe a week at the most over Christmas.  He promises he will drive it in 2 days versus 18-19 hours at one stretch :0(  Drives me crazy.  I don't even like to think about it.  Hopefully he can ZEN out while he is here, because I can't wait to see Kilt and Trouble.  Not sure if I should pick up Champ from Maggi so he can join in the fun.

Not trailing until spring.   Taking a break.  I don't like driving in the inclement weather anyways.  I just bought Wayne a couple of fishing books, tips and how to rig your lines, and hooks for trout, salmon, and steelhead.  I also got the name of recommended fishing guide.  Maybe I can set something up for him for a BIG Christmas present while he is here.  Hey, that's a good idea.  I'll take care of the home front and he can go fish.

Still going through old photos.  I have already tossed a whole large trash can of photos away.  I have 4 shoe boxes, one of old pics, one box for us, one for my son, and one for my grandson.  Phew...lots of memories and hard to  let go of the 1000 pics of Jet!

Next, I need to do a Good Will clothes run before Christmas.  Difficult to let go, but necessary, and someone will be a happier camper because of it.  Drive safe, spend time with your friends and families.  Love your Mom and Dad, if they are still with you!  I miss mine every day.  I still talk to them all of the time, every mountain, beach, bald eagle, etc. I come into contact with.... It makes me think of how much they enjoyed all of the same things I love.  So, I always stop for a few moments to pay my respects.  As my Pop said, "Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy;  for all too soon life passes us by."

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