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Monday, November 30, 2015

Honey, It's COLD outside!

Damn....Brrrrrr.  It got cold too quickly, I haven't even winterized my RV yet.  Probably too late.  Oh well.

I went to a trial on Sunday.  When I arrived close to 9 AM it was 19 degrees.  WTF?  I'm too old for this shit.

I like to trial, but, maybe, not that much.  I'm done until late Spring.  I have some bills I need to pay off anyway.

Champ is with Maggi trying to reconnect.  God knows, he isn't getting much work here with me.  He is a pretty happy-go-lucky type of dog.  He loves most everyone and every dog he meets.  We have started him on Red Paw (balanced high FAT kibble) Champ and his mother are my "stamina" dogs.  They take a licking and keep on ticking.  He is hard to keep weight on.  His grain free kibble I have him on is high protein, but has only a 16% fat content.  The new Red Paw has a 41% fat content. That should help keep the pounds on. Trust me though, it isn't cheap!"

And, Yoko, well, she marches to her own drummer.  That dog is just too smart (just like her daddy, Jet, but with a will of her own).  Some trials, she decides to give everybody a show and others, like this last weekend, she says WTF.  Three sheep on a grain pan?  Yo said, "Lordy, excuse me you fat woolies while I heel you off that pan, eat your food, and then bring you down the fetch line."  She makes me laugh.

I thought very seriously about getting another started dog or a pup, but I'm now figuring that it may be a bit of a selfish thought.  I really don't want my own livestock.  I really don't want to saddle my husband up with old dogs to care for while I trial after he is retired.  I'm sure he has a bucket list of things HE would like to do.  We both like to travel and we both like to fish, etc.

So, that's my mindset at this given moment.  Always subject to change, like everything in life.  While Champ is busy with Maggi, Yoko and I start a nose work class tomorrow.  This is just something to keep her occupied.  She will love it and be good at it because she is a "chow-hound."  She has been known to stop on her outrun and turn around, if need be, because she has caught scent of something that is irresistible to her.  I think she works sheep just because she knows I would like her to; she would much rather work cattle.

It appears that Wayne is driving out over Christmas.  I tried to talk him into flying, but, of course, no such luck.  I got him some thermal heat socks for Christmas.  Plus, I got him an A1c kit to test his diabetes himself.  And, an Echo, that plays music and does about a dozen other things that is voice activated. Check it out.  It's pretty cool.    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amazon_Echo

And, that's about it on the home front.  It can warm up anytime soon now :0)

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Karen said...

I think your are getting your wish. Warmer, wetter weather on the way.