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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Extended Family Wishes

What a very lucky lady I am to have an extended family of friends; lifelong friends, close friends, and newly met friends.  No one goes through life without having some demons they are trying to pluck off their shoulder, but I honestly feel if you live your life in gratitude it comes back to you 100 fold.
I have had a few health scares this years and I'm not out of the woods yet.  I have another CT of the chest in late January to see if the lung nodules have increased in size. This week I go for hand surgery to my right hand due to contractures from a genetic disease.  It doesn't really bother me even though I have to type with one finger because my fingers are curled.  Surely there are worse things than that; just more of a nuisance.
But, all in all, I consider myself a lucky lady, a blessed lady.  I have never really found a human soulmate in this lifetime, so maybe that's why I have been blessed with lasting and loving friendships.  And, surely my maker set me right here in this house with all of my lovely neighbors.  I don't think that was by chance.  It was meant to be.
Another blessing is that I was born with a sense of knowing, clairvoyance, if you will.  I have always had it, but I have not always used it.  My grandmother said she was 'cursed' with it.  I see it in a different light and try to listen to it.  Sometimes perceptions come to me in my sleep; other times when I am awake.
I had a dream about Champ while he was at Maggi's for a few weeks. I dreamt I sent him out on an outrun and he "jogged" it.  He kept stopping on his outrun. He finally looked back at me talking in a human voice, "Is this what you want?"  When I spoke to Maggi she told me on the phone she was trying to make him more mindful in training. She was stopping him on his outrun trying to make him think about what he was doing.
Visions come and visions go.  Living alone heightens my ability to "listen" to my inner voice.  Plus, now with being retired I have TIME to enhance my well being with the singing crystal bowls and drumming sessions.  I have visions in both of these groups.  It is extremely relaxing and rejuvenating.   It costs nothing, but you do need time, desire, and motivation.  Those ingredients I have.
I am a competitive person, but the dog trialling has become a bit obsessive, time consuming, and money eating.  I don't enjoy traveling in inclement weather, so I am taking the winter off.  I will still take my dogs to sheep from time to time, but we are all taking a break.  We are "recharging" so to speak.  I would love another puppy, but I don't think I could do it justice.  Sometimes, I have to remind myself about the reality of it all.  I, on occasion, get a case of the "I wants" and need to be more mindful (just like Champ).  It's not all about what "I would like."
Some of this newly found time is being put to good use, "Giving back." I am very much enjoying volunteering weekly at the Visitor Center and spending some of my holiday time at the Serenity house with the homeless.  My nursing career has prepared me well for conscientious philanthropy, if you will.
There are still many places in the US I would like to travel.  I have little interest in going abroad.  There is too much for me to see and do right here.  Every day that I am out driving, I try to take a new road, to explore, to see what I can see.  Plus, there are so many activities I want to do and try for the first time.  It's all there calling to me.  While I can, I'm going to try to do as much as humanly possible.  I not a good waster of time.  Because all too soon......well, you know how that goes.
So my friends, I wish you the best of holidays and most certainly, a Happy New Year!

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