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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Off the grid (Fuck it)

Geesh, Champ didn't last a month in training.  My buddy missed me.  He is just the sweetest, most loving, and kindest dog.  Oh well.  It had nothing to do with Maggi.  He loves her and she was good for him.  But, we never got to where we wanted to get to.  Does that make sense? I'm outta funds.  He is so happy to be home.  Fuck it.

I haven't heard from Wayne in a couple of weeks.  That makes it kind of hard to make plans, when I'm not sure when he will arrive for the holidays of if he will.  He gets here when he gets here,  right?  My neighbors are all curious about our sit-u-a-tion.  hahahaha  That cracks me up.  I'm a little curious, too. I'm sure I'm the talk of the "trail."  That's okay.  Fuck it.

I'm beginning to think I am gay.  Is that a possibility?  Maybe, I never knew.  I have had several women write me love letters in my lifetime.  I used to think, well, that's very nice and kind of laughed it off.  Maybe, I am just slow.  Hmmmm.  Maybe they knew something I didn't?  Fuck it.

Thank God for all of my close friends.  You know who you are.  You are my life savers and sanity.  I had to laugh today talking with my Vet friend tonight.  She has the same trials and tribulations I saw as a nurse.  But, I don't think a human family would let grandma go with an ear infection for months on end (Not really true since they don't mind if she has wounds all over her body eating down to the bone while she breathes on a Vent) too depressing to go into......  And, most likely they wouldn't put her to sleep because they didn't have the money to treat her.  Most likely, they are keeping her alive on a Vent to take her social security checks.  Fuck it.

And, the whole Donald Trump, Hilary Clinton thing.  Dear God, you think I'm nuts?  Doubtful.  I need to move to Canada before they keep all of the US from coming across their border.  The US is Nuckin' Futs.  I can't even watch the debates anymore.  Just fuck it.

Oh wait. I forgot something.  I went to a Christmas gift exchange party out to a really nice place for dinner the other night.  I had fun choosing what I thought was just the right present for the person's name that was chosen for me to buy for (sorry about ending the sentence in a preposition...just fuck it).  After dinner, I'm sitting at the end of the table, so they ask me to disperse the gifts since they are in the chair next to me.  I hand out all of the gifts to everyone at the table.  Someone says, "Where's yours?"  I say, "I don't see anymore."  I hand out all of the presents and there is NO gift for me. That sucked.  Just fuck it!

I'm getting old now.  I just had hand surgery to cut hard fascia bands in the palm of my hand from keeping me from bending my fingers.  it's a genetic disease.  Mom to me to my son.  They put on a $200 splint molded to my hand that took 40 minutes to make after surgery.  Lordy.  I made a better splint for the two fingers with a barrette I removed from my kitchen drawer.  Fuck it.

I should go on a diet. I got down to my fighting weight before my cruise to Alaska, but I gained it all back.  Like I am going to diet through the holidays?  Doubtful.  Hell,  I might die tomorrow and I'm not going to miss out on my two morning Pfeffrnusses from Trader Joes!  Wow, they should use that word in a spelling bee.  Lordy!  Fuck it.

Thank God for girl friends.  They are all sending bottles of wine.  It looks like a winery here.  That gives me comfort.  Wine and girlfriends (and a few old boyfriends that still keep in touch)  Plus, my dogs, my sweet, sweet dogs.  No talkie, wag wag wag....the perfect companions.  They keep my sanity when the chips are down.  Live is good.  Don't try to second guess me.  I'm happy to be alive!

                                 Sorry if I offended anyone.  You'll get over it.  I'm sure :) Fuck it.


Karen said...

I am laughing! Have some more wine!

gvmama said...

Don't worry about me. It's just my alter ego talking. Sometimes she just busts out in song or ****!

DeltaBluez Tess said...

you have a good attitude....come over some weekend and we can drink wine

gvmama said...

I will most defintely do that Diane . I'll just 'row' on over!