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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Starting to organize

Three days of work (instructing nursing students) and one day of traveling to Olympia to work dogs.  Today is a day of rest....clean house, wash clothes, maybe, a bit of gardening, start to clean the RV AGAIN, AND take a look at my travel plans which start NEXT week.  Whoa.  Time really has flown by quickly.

Tomorrow night I am having dinner with Bonnie Block and she is going to share her slide show of Africa.  I am just so excited.  Bonnie is the most awesome photographer and friend.  Plus, she has printed up this most awesome photo of Champ that she took randomly on a cloudy, muddy day while we were working dogs together.  She also, just came back from Montana where she took another batch of brilliant photos.  One in particular I loved of a Timber wolf.

Friday is yard, garden day, and give the two house keys I made to my neighbors above and the handyman who will be keeping an eye on the place while I am gone for a month.  Thankfully, the handyman used to watch the house for the previous owners while they traveled and lives less than a mile away!  

Sat/Sun/Mon I am back in the nursing facility instructing a new set of students.  Oh yeah...time change on Saturday.  I'm so ready for that!  I will have earned just enough money for all of my travels.  This job came exactly at the right moment!  Funny how that happened.  Well, I made it happen, but the dates worked out perfectly.  Love it when a plan comes together.

Tuesday I will have no wifi or cable until April 10th when I return.  I just chose the 10th to the 10th for ease of remembering.  I may not leave until later in the week, but that will give me much free time  to get stuff done (HAHAHA) without a TV or iMac to view.

As far as working dogs, it's a wrap I believe.  I think I was trying too hard.  I have designated all of us for a vacation :)  Maybe a little balance work and shushing for a little exercise...that's it.  I think I was pushing him too much.  Maybe, because I was worried about the Calif. trials.  It's very different to me,  trialing in the PNW versus California.  Everyone in the PNW is so supportive regardless of how you perform.  It truly has been a wonderful experience for me.  I love it here.  Great camaraderie.

Heppner, Oregon to Sonoma and Rio Vista Calif. and then back to SoCal, Green Valley, Ca.  That's a lot of MILES!  I'm guessing about 2,500 miles of traveling.  A week of rest when I get home, then I am judging an AKC trial in Arlington, Wa. and the week after, going to a Don Helsley handling clinic.

No rest for the weary, eh?

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