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Friday, February 27, 2015

The beat goes on...

One has to take input to inquiries with a grain of salt.  It's difficult to ask a question pertaining to an individual dog, because most don't know the dog.  They are giving input from their experiences with their dogs.  Why ask, because many of the tips are excellent.

I'm giving Champ a break.  He needs a break from "Take Time."  He is sick of it.  I am sick of saying it to him.   He is pretty happy with everything else about his work, outruns, fetching, penning and shedding.  Maybe, a little too geared up, but that's his mode of operand.  He's just an excitable boy.

He has done well for his first 5 open trials, yes, small fields, dogged sheep....remains to be seen how he will do on bigger fields and range sheep.  Don't know until you try.  And, that's what this year is all about....gaining experience.

Happy to report I got into Sedona and McCormack's trial. Still waiting to see if I get into Heppner.  It's okay if I don't.  It just means I will be traveling to Green Valley "first" before Sedona.  Just going with the flow.  I made a reservation with my 20 ft RV at Sedona and will camp on the grounds in Rio Vista.

Now, I need to plan what to do with my "extra" days in-between the trials.  It depends on the weather, etc.  But, I might as well try to get some sight seeing in while I'm in the area.  I have a man who will be keeping an eye and care-taking my house in Sequim while I am gone.  He used to work for the previous owners and has done work for me while I have been here.

Since I will be gone close to a month, I have to make sure I have all of Jet's medicines ready to travel.  My last day of work with my new (temporary) job is March 9th.  I will probably leave on the10th or 11th and be home a month later.  The RV has had a tune-up and oil change. It seems to be running well.  Knock on wood.  I will put my Rhino in the garage and leave the Avalanche under the carport.

There are lots of logistics when you are living by yourself and traveling by yourself.  My handyman will have a key to my place as well as my neighbors above me with the chickens.  I think the only services I have to stop are the mail, wi-fi, cable, and the trash.  Maybe, by the time I get back in April, the daisies will be blooming.  This photo was taken the end of May, I believe :)

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