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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Old dogs

On Novice and Beyond they have been discussing a thread about when to quit trialing OLD dogs on stock.  I would think that would be rather obvious, but maybe it isn't to some.  The thread made me a bit nauseous.  Why?  Because egos were glaring.  I wouldn't do that to my grand old dog and so forth.  But, at the same time, I'm guessing a few of these people have done unspeakable things in the past, and maybe, in the present for that fact.  And, what about the people that sell off their old dogs in order to make room for the new and younger trial dogs?
Ugh....I suspect that some of these old dogs got nicer homes the second time around.  In that sense, good.  Honestly, if your dog can't cover, is limping with arthritis, or has to be medicated to trial, I would hope that it might ring a little bell in one's head that maybe they shouldn't be trialing this particular dog.   Oh hell, what do I know....Anyway, the thread kind of spoke to "My shit doesn't stink." You know what I mean.

Everyone is OLD around here, me included, except Champ.  LOL  Yoko has been a bit sore up front. Most likely from falling in a pothole on our hillside before I left on my trip.  She comes up sore only after running around like a lunatic.  So the trip, did her good, because she had a lot of down time in a crate.  Jet did fabulously on the trip.  That really made the whole month special.  In fact, I think he is a bit pissed off at being home now.  He wants to get back on the road.  He liked to see where he would get out of the van next.  Sometimes he would love to go for a walk, other times he would say, "I'd like to get back in the van."  I respected his wishes.

Thank goodness for YOKO
When I got home is was a bit anti-climatic since no one was here to greet me.  
But, YOKO saved the day.  She gave me a super hug and grin!

I made some great memories this trip and got to see many of my favorite people.  Getting to be a part of the Dodge Truck commercial while I was at home in California made the trip even more special and certainly, helped with my finances. Being able to attend the Easter Sunrise service on Spunky Plantation with Wayne and Jet was very special. Plus, the RV van ran great.  That made the trip special.  No emergency calls out to triple A.  Yea.  Now, that I am home, I want to explore around the PNW.  Hopefully, I will take in a few more trials this spring and summer.  Champ has 16 points towards the finals, but he will never be ready for the Big time this year at 3 yrs. of age.  I'm aware of that.  Plus, I don't work him that often.  But, when I do, we have lots of fun.  That's what it is all about to me.  I'm competitive, but only to a point.  There is way more to my life than sheep dog trailing.  It is just one great aspect of my life and theirs.

Well, actually I do have a bucket list.  Numero Uno.  Get UP in the morning!

This weekend I am missing a large USBCHA trial at Fidos, but I have a previous commitment to judge an AKC trial in Arlington.  I haven't been to an AKC trial in quite awhile, so I have dug out my rule book and will do a little studying this week :0)  I'm looking forward to it.  My dogs won't be since they are going and will be spending lots of "down" time while I am judging.  Oh well, every day can't be a party for them. 

Sorry, this is kind of a stupid post, but next week I might have more to say. I think I have said everything I can about my trip on FaceBook.  It's easier to post about the present than the past :0) 
Next week I am going up the coast to Neah Bay to camp for the night and take some photos.  Plus, it's a great place to pick up some smoked salmon and steelhead. Hopefully, I'll have some stories to tell and pictures to post. 

Thanks for stopping by.......

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