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Thursday, June 12, 2014

I'm back, I'm here, It's home

Wow…this has been a loooooong month.  Too much to tell, so I will try to keep it at a minimum.  I have been facebooking versus blogging, but plan to get back on track.  Missing my hubby along with Kilt, and Trouble.  I will see them again over the Christmas Holidays.

                                         Yoko, Jet and Champ stayed here in Sequim with me

Several people suggested getting a property manager to sell our place in Green Valley and others mentioned they knew places that were hiring in the aeronautical industries for Wayne.  That sounds nice, but it is way more complicated than that.  If it was that easy, trust us, we would have done it.

Number one, there are lots of repairs jobs that need to be done on the GV house along with painting and finishing a half done porch.  The wells aren't producing enough water either due to the drought or a leak in one of the lines.  Wayne will handle it.  And, as far as work goes, he can't change companies because we need his full salary retirement.  We will just play it by ear and see each other when we can.

I'm lucky in that I have friends here and have received a warm welcome from my neighbors.  I am slowly unpacking while getting a lay of the land.  Loving everything, thus far :0)  Wayne has friends back in GV to help him.  We will be okay.

Jet has been feeling the best I have seen him feel in ages.  He is going for a wellness check to his new Vet tomorrow.  They do in house visits if and when it is necessary.

I have found a great place to work the dogs 15 min. away.  I have arranged to work them every Tuesday/Thursday AM on sheep.  Need to keep them tuned up :0)

I went out with the breakfast club last Sunday.  All were interested in dogs in one way or another,  I enjoyed myself and will go out with them again.  Plus, I do plan on joining the photography club.

I have a couple of trials to go in the next few weeks.  One on Whidbey Island and the last trial that the MacDonalds will be putting on at Ewesful Acres.  After that, maybe just Champ at LaCamas.  As much as I want to trial Champ as much as possible, I still have a ton of stuff to do here.

I need to get the back bedrooms painted, lots of unpacking still to do, plus new carpeting is a must.  All of this will take time and money.  Wayne got 2 kennels up and one lined with pavers.  Another 2 kennels are upright and that's about it.  There just wasn't enough time when he was here to get as much as we would have liked to have finished.

We spent most of the time setting up telephones, computers (no cable) only wifi, TV, trash service, making runs to the dump, trying to appraise property 2-3 acres next to us for a possible purchase, etc. etc.  Time just FLEW by and all of a sudden it was time for Wayne to leave :0(

After a couple of months off and getting things together here, I will look for a part time job.  I need to get a bit more settled and let the dogs settle, too.

But, can you imagine coming home and finding these guys in your front yard?  Utterly AMAZING.


Karen said...

I've been following along on Facebook. You are the most prolific Facebooker I know:)))
Those elk really are amazing. What a sight with those new antlers!

gvmama said...

If by prolific you mean producing in abundant quantity, then, yes, you may be right. It's the only way I have of keeping my friends and family up to date. None of them read my blog :0)