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Monday, June 16, 2014


Our private drive is about 1/4 of a mile, non paved, black rock down.  There are 6 homes on the drive.  Two below us, our home, and 3 above us.  I have met everybody.  They all are delightful.
This morning I fired up the Rhino to take my trash out to Happy Valley Rd.  I found myself grinning like a cheshire cat.  Why?  Well, because of the soft rain and 49 degrees.  It feels so AWESOME!

Jet has a new Vet and this week I will find an ARNP (Nurse practitioner) to take care of my needs.  My Doc back home gave me a year to find someone I like.  Meaning she will prescribe, etc. for me, whatever I need until I can find a care provider I like.

Loving the breakfast club.  This last Sunday we went to The Old Mill in Carlsborg for breakfast.  It is a very enjoyable group plus is helping me get to know all of the 'hot' spots.  LOL  At least for breakfast.  This weekend I had a Dungeness crab and spinach Benedict to DIE for!  One of the gentleman in the group gave me a card for an agility class.  I have yet to call the gal, but it is on my to do list this week, too.  I'm thinking Yoko might like to take some classes.  She has some basic training on her already plus she is so toy/food driven.  Who knows….maybe, even the Champster who has no training would like to play around with it. My girlfriend in Elma, Wa., gave me some weaves and one jump to fool around with.  The weaves are the old spacing, but that's okay.  The hard part will be finding any FLAT ground to set them up.

Speaking about out sloped property.  The first few weeks I was huffing and puffing a bit.  Now, I am getting acclimated to the sloping hillside.  Hopefully, this will help me shed some unneeded pounds!  It's great for the dogs.  Even Jet is getting pretty used to it.  He looks fabulous by the way.  I have never seen him so happy and moving so well.  Sequim most definitely agrees with him!

The BEST part about the move was meeting Patricia Pedersen, a most delightful lady my age.  She has a home with 5 FLAT acres, sheep, and Border collies about 15 min. from my place.  She is allowing me to work my dogs on her sheep.  Well, she has some "fatties" that really need to be worked.  I was so worried that I wouldn't find a place to keep the dogs up on their training.  Huge load off my mind and so very grateful.

Yoko is starting to adjust now.  The first trial at MacDonald's farm I had to retire her both days in open.  She was just too weird.  She is training more like her old self now and over the next 2 weekends she will have a chance to redeem herself at a couple of trials.  Or at least 'get around the course.'  This week I have a trial on Whidbey Island, Sat./Sun./Mon. and then the next weekend at Ewesful Acres Fri/Sat/Sun.  This weekend I will be taking the ferry from Port Townsend over to Whidbey Island.  I have only entered 2 more trials over the next couple of months.  Both ONLY with Champ.  Vashon Island and LaCamas.  He will be out of the nursery class the end of July and in Pro-novice.  Both of his litter sisters are qualified for the Nursery Finals, too.  This makes me smile. :0)

Today, an appraiser is coming over to look at the property we would like to buy.  It would be an extension of our property (a boundary line adjustment) 2-3 acres, if affordable.  We have 5 acres, one above us and 4 below.  We would like to add a couple of more down below.  Because as soon as you don't do that, sure enough, someone will build.  Been there, seen that.  Plus, prices are going up in Sequim, especially in Happy Valley.

Okay…...then painting the back bedrooms, putting new carpet back there, some tile in the bathroom (all needed), a few more boxes to unpack, but actually, the place already feels like HOME.

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Karen said...

It is all sounding quite wonderful! So glad that Jet has handled the move well:)