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Thursday, June 19, 2014

My bubble burst!

Everything couldn't continue to go along as smooth as silk, right?  Hey, that's life.

Too bad I threw away my weekly horoscope.  I would have liked to have seen Wed. June 18th on it.  It started with Champ not eating his breakfast.  That immediately sent up a red flag.  But, my friend was picking me and the dogs up to go to Fido Farms in Olympia.  Loaded the dogs and went to work dogs. Worked Champ fairly lightly and he worked as normal, but off his stock he was a bit lethargic.  He wasn't his bubbly self.  Plus, I hadn't seen him take a poop and he poops as big as a horse.  Another red flag.  Got home late and at 7 pm, Champ refuse his dinner entirely.  Got my doggy ER kit out of the RV.  Temp 102.6.  Very mildly elevated.  Before I went to bed, I got Champ to drink a bowl of chicken broth.  Dehydration was my biggest worry since we had been working sheep all day.

Over the last few days I have been noticing a wet spot by my dresser in our bedroom.  I smelled a musty smell in the house and I just thought it was the damp concrete garage.  The wet spot I thought maybe a dog had peed there.  I pretty much beat all of my dogs over the last few days for that wet spot. But, when I returned from Olympia, the wet spot had spread.  I called a plumber.  Of course, after hour emergency hours.

I found him on Angie's list.  He is an independent plumber and has lived here some 24 hours and a huge dog lover (an added plus)  Turned out that when we turned the water back on over some 3 weeks ago, there was a steady drip from a leaky supply line to the washing machine.  The floor in the utility room didn't get wet, so it went unnoticed.  It leaked into the back wall behind the washer.  The washer backs up to the stairwell stairs and that wall is shared to my bedroom.  Lordy.  All of the stairwell wall was bubbled.  I just don't use the stairs and hadn't looked.  That is, until the plumber told met on the phone.  Paul the plumber  came over, assessed the problem in a few minutes.  He helped me pull back the carpet in the bedroom to air it out.  The padding under the carpet acted as a sponge, so it was difficult to notice the wet carpet on top.  He fixed the loose water supply line to the washer :0(

Bubbling in the garage stair well

So, this morning, Champ ate a little for breakfast.  Softened kibble with chicken broth and goat yogurt.  He only ate it because the other two dogs were hovering.  He took a small soft poop and laid down.  This pup eats 5-6 cups of kibble a day and goes 100 mph all day.  I called my local Vet.  They are fitting me in at 11:30 this morning.  Temp this owning 102.7 :0(  He is still very LETHARGIC.

Took photos of the plumbing disaster and called State farm.  Lovely.  We have a $1900.00 deductible.  Lordy…I wish I was forty and working.  Wayne said, "Don't worry.  We needed to replace all of the carpet anyway.  We may to replace some sheet rock and dry wall going down the stairs to the garage.  All over a stupid leak at the washing machine.  Also, looking for our Home Owner's Policy which is giving me a headache this morning. Arrrrrrg!

Oh well.  As Wayne said, "Forget about it.  The main worry is with Champ."  So hopefully, he perks up in the next 24-48 hours.  I have a trial on Whidbey this weekend, but of course won't run him if he is not himself.

The good news in paradise…is that the bull Elk were in my fields this morning.  That made me SMILE.

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Karen said...

The drywall is minor, but sure hoping Champ is back to normal. Will check Facebook.