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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Champ

Where ever I go now, Champ lies at my feet.  I am having so much fun working and training him.

Plus, he is a fabulous traveler.  He's just a fun dog to be around.

Our last month here I have been letting him work Terry's ranch gathering the large flock made up of cross breds and hampshires.  He has been gathering them out of tall brush and shedding them into several groups.  Once in a while we get a group small enough that he can pen them.

Also, we work on our flanks walking in a large square holding lines.  Occasionally,  I let him work a single or two sheep at a time.  He is getting more and more comfortable with my mannerisms and my whistles, just as Patrick said he would and should.  I'm asking Champ to be responsible for figuring me out.  Not the other way around.

I try to work on a multitude of things each time I take him to the ranch.  We work for short times on different exercises.  Today, we did about 3-5 minutes of work in a take pen.  I always try to mix it up, keeping him interested.

The panels we can work on at the trials.  I have to work on our last AHBA trial :0(    I just got his AKC# so we will enter advanced field sheep and advanced field geese just for one day.  Might as well get some shedding practice in before I leave for Washington. :0)

This is a house I pass on the way to Task Farms.  It looks pretty with the poppies on the hillside.  Enjoy it now, because it is going to look bare and HOT in another month or so.


Karen said...

So beautiful in the Spring though:)

gvmama said...

The nice thing is that there is beauty no matter where you go. I have enjoyed the beauty of our mountainous communities in So. California just as much as I will enjoy the beauty of getting to know western Washington :0)

Anonymous said...

Current poppy photo???

We had some nice flowers on a trip to the Owens Valley this past week.

Love ya.


gvmama said...

Yep....poppies are fab this spring. :0)