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Monday, April 14, 2014

Farm Girl

Yoko…best lil farm dog around

No matter what, Yo will try and do what you ask of her.  She has her own style (not exactly what judges would want in a trial) but that's okay.  She also has her own method of handling livestock.

Most judges/handlers would like a stylish dog with push that can hold a line and flank freely with a beautiful pear shaped outrun.

Yoko is upright, lacks push, wears on her drives, with a low ground heel bite for obstinate stock.
She can back up an ornery sheep, but lacks a nose bite.  

But, she always gets the job done :0)  She gets it done….HER way.

She lives for cattle (I don't) Manages sheep just fine.  Loves to work goats.  And, she is slow and gentle with birds.  She always gives her stock the option to choose the right path.  She is a very fair worker.  She won't bite unless 'tested' or if she feels rightly threatened.

Her biggest fault is worrying about what I think.  I would love for her to be a bit more independent, but I have made her rather mechanical.  I'm still trying to undue that.  

But, all in all, she is a wonderful bitch and I'm glad I have a daughter of Jet's.  She is just as quick as her sire in offering new behaviors along with her desire to please.

I'm very glad Yoko is in my life :0)

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