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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Lots of Lasts

Last Green Valley Sunrise Service

I was blessed to have easter Sunday off from work so Wayne, Jet and I attended the Easter Sunrise services atop Spunky Plantation.  This year the weather was beautiful.  We have sat through cold, foggy winds and snow flurries in the past :0)

This is one of Wayne's favorite areas atop of Spunky Plantation.
I took a photo for old times sake :0)

From the plantation we could view Grass Mountain.
I always wanted my ashes sprinkled atop of Grass Mtn.  Now, I don't care so much.  Sprinkle me anywhere it is convenient :0)
My grandson hiked this mountain with me at the tender age of 4 yrs. old.  I have had friends hike with me that Wayne said NEVER came back, because the hike is a bit strenuous.  LOL
I even have a nude picture of me in all of my glory atop this mountain.  I even let that one go to the dumpster.  Moving on to new greener pastures :0)

We'll be lucky to ever get everything packed around here, because in 30 years you just accumulate so much STUFF.  Yesterday we had to do all of the banking stuff including closing out our safety deposit box.  We found some old bonds that we cashed out that we forgot were even in there.  That was a pleasant surprise.

Today, instead of packing, we are going to the beach.  Just one last time in Ventura beach :0)  I wish we could go to Jalama beach, but actually I am looking at a hybrid bicycle for sale while we are in Ventura.  Champ, Jet and Yoko are going for a little frisbee fun and maybe, we will take in a last lunch at the harbor.

Champ and Yoko had a blast at the beach, running, swimming, and playing frisbee.

Wayne playing frisbee with Champ and Yoko

Jet got to carry the frisbee.  It made him feel good.

He loves to sit at the water's edge and just look out at the waves.  One time the water washed up and over him he was so mesmerized and happy to just be at the beach.  To see him so happy makes my heart sing!

Champ rarely ever misses a frisbee even when it is windy at the beach.

My new USED hybrid bike (Fuji 21 speed)
It would have been easier to buy it in Sequim, but we had some unexpected money in bonds (in the safety deposit box) so……. It came with a bike rack on the back.  I have an old basket to put on the front to carry stuff and bought a walkie thingie that attaches to the bike for a dog to trot along with me on my rides.  I tried it up and down the driveway and instantly got a cramp in my left thigh.  Hahahaha
Getting older isn't for sissies, but i think I will like 21 speeds better than my last bike of 1 speed :0)

This is Kilt in her igloo with her I HATE YOU LOOK.
We didn't have enough room for everyone to go to the beach, so Kilt stayed behind with Trouble.  She was not a happy camper about it.  I will make it up to her and take her to a AHBA trial on Friday :0)


Karen said...

That is a beautiful beach!
Oh dear, poor, poor Kilt:(

When you were talking about a hybrid bike, I was thinking it has some other form of power, but now I see it is the shape of it that is hybrid. Larry has one similar. I was quite happy to keep my older bike, so it is the older ladies style, and doesn't have the curvy bar. If my knees and or hips are bothering me when I walk, they seem to be just fine on the bike. I love riding a bike, I just wish here we had more options to ride to from home, but we hit a huge hill no matter which way we go. We have better options at Oliver.

gvmama said...

Hybrid…I think means good on paved and dirt. Most of the discovery trail in Sequim is paved. remains to be seen how i will do with a dog attached to the bike. LOL