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Saturday, April 12, 2014

All is Good (Most of it anyways)

I kind of did a little artsy thing with Kilt's above photo.  She is fun to photograph, because she is always grinning.  It's the 'devil' in her :0)

Okay then, I think we got over the hurdles and are moving on to new ones.

I found a moving company that will us to Sequim for under $2000 and that includes all of the dog kennels (runs) and the Rhino, etc. etc.  Pick up date is May 12th.

Getting my resume et. everything that goes with it together to look for work in Sequim.  I thought about retiring, but it isn't in the stars yet.  

My last day at work is May 9th.  My co-workers are giving me a going away party at one of their homes on May 3rd.  Honored and very, very sad to leave a job I absolutely love.

My last request which was overheard by cardiology was a wish to see an open heart surgery.  I am scrubbing in for an open heart this Monday on the 14th.  Now, just how EXCITING is that?  Pretty darn wonderful to me!  I wish I could take my camera in.  LOL

Wayne is getting into a routine of monitoring his health.  I'm sure he is not all that happy about it, but the alternative isn't one he or I would like to choose.  I am thrilled and hope he can keep it up when he returns to work in a couple of months.

The Green Valley house we had hoped to put on the market this spring. We may have to wait until late summer.  We will just let things happen when things are ready.  Just going with the flow.

That means I will be up in Sequim starting in June by myself with the Border Collies.  On the way up I will be stopping in Scio, Oregon to trial Champ in nursery and then booking it over to Arlington, Wa. to the Haynes farm for Faansie's clinic with Champ.

I will meet up with Wayne late on May 19th or 20th.  We put in an offer on 13 acres of flat farm land in Sequim with water rights that may be a go or maybe, not.  If it is meant to be, so be it.  We won't be terribly upset if it doesn't go through.  It is for investment purposes.  If they take our offer it will close on May 20th and we will both be there by then to sign for the papers.

Never a dull moment in the Anaya household :0)


Karen said...

You sure have a lot going on. But, if anyone can pull it off, you can:) Hope all goes well in the next month and a half!

gvmama said...

Karen, that's why I have meditation apps :0) When road blocks appear, change your direction. If it is meant to be, it will happen. If not, just go with the flow :0)