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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Life has some bumps in the road

This has been a TOUGH month.  Lots of ups and downs.  Some of the bumps were a little tough to roll over if you know what I mean.

My favorite saying for this month is….

"A pat on the back is just a few inches from a kick in the ass."

I had to sell my sheep.  That was probably the least of my worries because I knew they were going to Paso Robles and have a nice home.  I love having my livestock, even if they are not in big numbers.  I enjoy cleaning the barn, the goose pen, and just visiting them.  I love to watch how they interact. Bye, bye Buffy, Blondie, Cinnamon, and Fat and Fatter.  The weather is much nicer up north :0)

This is the worst of the bumps.  I can't even think about giving my geese back to Eddy.  They have brought me so much joy in my life.  I have learned so much about birds.  My geese are leaving this afternoon.  Wayne feels it isn't high on the priority list while getting things together to move.  
I now know I have 3 drakes….Ching Ching, Lover Boy, and Black Nose.  When the drakes started guarding, Black Nose would scare me.  He would run at me like a snake with his head low.  But, I learned he was just faking me out.  Now we make a game of it.  I run back at him and he throws his head back honking and honking in sheer delight.
My two hens are Dot and Tip.  Both have the loveliest of natures.  Tip has not started laying, but Dot has been laying for well over a month.  She has laid close to 35 eggs and is still laying.  I have fed about a dozen of her eggs to the dogs.  Kind of hard to sit on that many eggs.  I learned that they don't (sit and incubate) until they are through laying, how ever long it takes.  Dot will let me look at her eggs while she watches me, standing right next to me.  She doesn't have an aggressive feather in her body.  I will try to make a box for her nest so Eddy can take her nest with him today.  I can't even think about parting with them without crying.  They have been a huge part of my well being over these last 6 months.  I'm sure I will find more geese at a later time in my life, but it still hurts….a lot.

I was so thrilled how Champ performed in his first 2 trials, both on range sheep, coming in the money for qualifying nursery legs for the finals in all 4 of his runs with great competition.
Bad news.  I forgot to rejoin USBCHA and all his runs are in the toilet as far as counting towards the National Finals.  I thought I was a Lifetime member.  Seems I got confused as I am a lifetime member of ABCA, not USBCHA.  Anyway, I have mailed in my $250 and should be a Lifetime member of USBCHA in a week or so.
But, as friends noted, it didn't diminish his accomplishments.  Plus, I really hadn't thought about going to the finals until others were saying I really should think about it.  Anyway, we have other trials coming up that he can run nursery in as I head towards the PNW in exactly one month from today :0)

Wayne is home after a life threatening event and a week long stay in the hospital.  He needs to manage his health better.  I'm not sure he will get too many more chances.  Nice thing is that the nurses got him a private room in my unit for his stay.  He really enjoyed getting to know my co-workers and I think my co-workers really enjoyed Wayne.  He is pretty social and quite the comedian even as sick as he was.  He came home last night and most likely will be out on disability for a couple of months. This is a good thing.  This is a man who never misses a day of work. This should make things easier throughout the transition of our move while he starts to get a handle on managing his health.  Plus, now he feels so much better which really is an asset.

Anyway, what's a little stress, eh?

Now, I am almost on the last month countdown to the big move.  Still haven't decided on a mover to move the last of the stuff up.  Wayne and I will do that over the next 48 hrs.  I don't want him to compromise his health doing it himself.
My co-workers have planned a going away party for me on May 3rd.  Lots of laughs and lots of tears.  I am going to miss them all dreadfully.

The house in Green valley is still not ready to put on the market.  We fell way behind.  We did have a handyman finish parts of building the back porch while Wayne was int he hospital.  We still need to paint a few rooms, get rid of some brush…yadda yadda yadda.  I don't think we can put a time frame on it.  We will just go with the flow.  When it is ready, it will be ready.

So, there you have it.  Or there, I've had it.  LOL
What will be, will be.

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Jenny Glen said...

Gasp! You didn't pay your dues!? Oh, no! I guess you just gotta laugh it off. He did so well, he'll just be better and more ready to go do it again.
I hope Wayne remembers he's not 20 anymore and takes care of himself. (notice I have the lecture all ready to go since I've delivered it to my own husband!)
Stay strong.