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Thursday, February 27, 2014


I have been BUSY.  Last week I worked Wed/Thurs.(12 hr. shifts), drove to Porterville F/S/S, went to Sally's in the high desert with Yoko and Champ to work sheep on Monday, and on the way home stopped in at Task Farms with Champ, worked Tues/Wed., went out to the high desert with Mike Burk's to work sheep today on Thursday.  Tonight I have a Social Security meeting to attend in town, tomorrow, we have to start getting everything ready for the AVSC trial over the weekend.  On a roll…..need sleep :0)

I have been trying to get Champ ready for the Arizona trial.  I heard it was a large , flat field.  Flat fields can be tricky.  Plus, Champ and I are still trying to get on the same page with whistles, modulation, etc.  It is all coming along and I am having loads of fun with him.

I took this through my windshield as Mike was driving his RV with the stock trailer.  I just wanted to show you the amount of dust there is still is after raining all night!

Small ruts and ditches filled with water, but look at the ground….BONE dry.

Wide Open Spaces
Mike took me to a new place (new to me) since I wanted to do a few LARGE outruns.  It's nice to have someone at the top who is experienced.  I only did 2 outruns with Champ at about 400 yards.  I was very please with both of them.  Just as I thought he might be a little tight he kicked out in both directions.  Insert BIG smile.  Mike told me he did his lifts with presence.  Drops his head down and comes on quietly.  I like that, too.  No need to do anymore than two large outruns if there is nothing to polish.

The lone Joshua tree.  They are beautiful, aren't they?

I could just pull up a hammock and meditate on the different shapes the Joshua tree branches make.

Baby boy…learning to modulate (pace)..getting better…long way to go.  No hurry.  He's such a nice dog.  Insert another BIG smile here :0)

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Karen said...

Good looking Joshua tree (and dog too!) Glad to hear you got some rain, hope there is more to come.