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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Wet to Dry

Rained Saturday.  I didn't trial on Sunday.  Extremely light entry on Saturday and not enough nursery entries to make a class.  Sheep were confronting farm flock (rented) due to Task Farms lambing.  Not what you would want to put your new to trialing or young dogs on in my opinion.  Needless to say, I didn't run Champ in Pro-Novice either.  It rained off and on.  Not too bad.  My dogs and I liked the weather.

Maybe some 8-9 entries in open on Saturday?  Don't know how they faired on Sunday.  Lots of RTs on Saturday in every class.  The course set up by Mike Burks was very nice.  You ran one direction, a dog leg fetch and then the drive was behind the handler's post in the other direction.  Very nice.  Shed, pen, single.  Yoko got a 68 without the single.  We ran out of time.  The sheep confronted her on the lift, at the fetch panels, and at the drive panels.  She took care of business and I was especially proud of her.

Champ wasn't happy.  He didn't get to do much of anything…a couple of exhausts.  Period.  Oh well, his turn is coming up next week in Buckeye, Arizona.  We will go from rainy and 50 degree weather to sunshine in the 80's.  Now, I have to clean and unpack my RV AGAIN.

Instead of trialing, this is what we did on Sunday….hiked the PCT.  

At the start of the trail is a box with a notepad in it to tell all where you are hiking to and with whom.  We always stop, write something, and look at the other entries.

It was a 50 degree drizzle.  Clear at first, but the higher we hiked the clouds seemed to come down to meet us.  Made me a little nervous since I wasn't packing.  Definitely cougar country.

Champ had a grand time and all of my other dogs gave me the four paws DOWN for not taking them.  But, once in awhile it is necessary to just have some one on one time.

Has something in his mouth.  Champ having a gay ol time running, digging, finding sticks….etc.  Only once did I hear a growl from him.  He was out of sight.  I said his name and he came to me instantly as we waited for an ultra marathoner to pass by.  I was happy that growl wasn't for a cougar!

Rainbow scat  (LOL)

Made it to the 'rocks.'  We call this Pike's Peak.

On our way down.  Champ doing run downs and me keeping an eye peeled for critters in the fog.

Fairly clear by the time we got back to my truck.  But, we both were a bit soggy.  Even my light rain jacket was drenched.  But, it was great hiking weather :0)


Karen said...

I got a chuckle out of the bent 'chiropractic' pen at the sign in station:)

Looks like a fun time, we are used to doing lots of things in the rain and drizzle, and I quite like hiking in it. Glad you finally got some moisture in your neck of the woods. Too bad about the trial though.

gvmama said...

Gosh, I hardly even noticed (about the pen) I was so happy someone repaired the box and put the notepad in plastic covering on the front. I will miss these trails, but I'm sure I will find plenty of new ones when I get to Sequim. And, many new stock dog friends, too.