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Monday, February 24, 2014

Porterville fun

The weather was picture perfect and there is no other place I'd rather be (unless at the MacDonalds in WA.) other than at the Oxford's in Porterville.  Both have beautiful facilities and are just the nicest people.  I gave up going to a nursery trial that was local to go to the Oxfords. :0)

Most of their sheep were lambing, so they trailered in a herd of Boer goats for the fun trial.

Jim, Joan, Sally and Marmaduke :0)

The Porterville landmark.  The pasture tree.  This time with goats beneath it.

These were just a couple of goats I liked.  Sally and Jim's grandkids raise goats.  We weren't working these particular two goats.

I would have brought Champ and Yoko's mother, Kilt, but Champ gave her a body block on a full on chase that knocked her back out moments before I was loading them up into the RV.  Darn it all.  No one works goats better than Kilt :0)

These two, half brother and half sister, don't look alike, don't work alike, but they are the best of friends and they LOVE people.  Both are actually great watch dogs when in my truck.

Strolling around the ranch early in the morning.  A bunch of us when out to dinner at the cellar in town.  Steak and lobster and (I shouldn't have done it) Long island Ice teas.  The first one was so strong, it affected my good judgement and I had another.  I paid dearly with a Migraine (and no Imitrex) for it all weekend.  I tried not to whine.  UGH,

This I believe is Rhonda's Ziva working.  We found out rather quickly on day one, that 3 goats work better than 4 goats.  It took almost the total 6 minutes to do your outrun and get them to the post.  As time went on, they got better.

My favorite picture.  Ziva (snake in the grass)

Sally walking with Babe giving her some confidence to move the goats.

Yoko taking the exhaust goats  back to set-out.

Yoko had one VERY pretty run (full course) out of 3 runs over the weekend.  When she is "on" she just flows.  We just aren't 'consistent' yet.

But, this is what Yoko does best.  She is my little heeler.

Champ loves his sissy, Yoko :0)  They are two of the best travelers I could have ever wished for!  Their mother isn't.  I guess i will have to give credit to their sires.  They work totally different.  Yoko works more like Jet and Champ works like a cross of Buzz and Kilt.

It's only a 5 acre field and Champ was able to do the outrun both ways from the post.  Just the first time, he was unsure if he was supposed to pick up the goats.  He looked at them and then thought,,,,nah…she doesn't want these.  There are sheep and lambs in the other pasture.  Then, he did a wagging tail walk over to Judy loftlin who was setting.  She didn't move.  Hmmmm He thought…maybe she does want me to bring these goats.  LOL  Put a big grin on my face.  
My females started in at work at 6 mos of age…no questions asked.  Both Jet and Champ are 'Johnny come latelys.' Champ has a long way to go just turning 2 yrs. old in December.  Plus, he is unsure of my whistles and we are going to need a good solid year working together to get on the same page.
Thankfully, I was able to let him set about 25 runs Sat. and Sun.  This was a great experience for him.  He had to work the goats quietly, but he had to nip them when they needed it, but not too much to upset them walking out to the hay.  He didn't move a muscle with other young dogs were whizzing by him to pick up the goats on their outruns.  
By Sunday, he finally realized that if I FACE the set out pen, something (like a goat) might walk out for him to pick up.  All weekend I would face the set out pen and he would turn the other way looking up the field for stock to pick up.  That made me crack up.  But, he finally figured it out.  Yea!  Then after the dog picked them up he knew he could go back to set out and wait quietly under a chair in the shade.

Yoko, the people whore.  Yoko LOVES going to sheep dog trails just as much as I do.  I am so glad I have a daughter of Jet and Kilt's and a son of Kilt's.  It tickles me to be their breeder.  Both are nice dogs. We do the best we can do and we have a damn good time doing it. :0)

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Karen said...

You always have fun wherever you go! Such a positive person:)

Hope Kilt's back is okay. As you can imagine, body blocks/slams give me the willies.