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Saturday, January 25, 2014

U Wash Doggie

I had a day off and father/daughter, Jet and Yoko were filthy.  So, I took them to U Wash Doggie and spent a frivolous $30 to bathe them in tubs waist high with warm water and blow dryers.  Pictured here at the park trying to dry while watching a stranger approach them.

I couldn't get them to dry even with a blow dryer, so that's why we went to the park in the sun.

A man came along with a shopping cart with all of his worldly possessions. At first, I was a bit fearful, but after assessing the situation, he had more to fear than I  had.  Yoko decided to do a few tricks for him.  He loved it.  He offered to take my photo with my dogs.  I declined, but did give him a bit of a monetary reward for the gesture.

Next we headed to the Vet.  Yoko is thinking…."Really?"  Yoko has come up a bit lame after resting in her kennel run 'after' moderate exercise.  After rest, she is noticeably lame in the front.  All of my dogs have rock of Gilbrater rear ends/hips, but I had never x-rayed Yoko's front end.  So off to our vet we went.  I had taken some videos of her limping after coming out of the kennel from resting after a work-out.  I knew she would be too stoic at the clinic to show any signs of lameness.

Ah…we have had enough of this.  Pathetic, eh?   Love our Vet, but we are both ready to go home.  My Vet gave me a CD with the x-rays which were absolutely perfect (which is a good thing) but we guess she will need a bit more rest.  While I was discussing her lay-up with my Vet, we looked over and Yoko was picking up the disc in her mouth.  God, I love my dogs :0)

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Karen said...

Oh, they look so soft and fluffy:)
Glad nothing showed up on the xray, and hope Yoko will be better after some more rest.