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Monday, January 27, 2014

An hour at the farm

Beautiful morning.  I took 90 minutes off to run over to Task Farms to see the babies.  Of course, I took my camera and strolled around the grounds with Champ.  We enjoyed the new babies, and the 65 degree weather.

These pups were very excited to see me and Champ.

I already have a favorite…..the one on the right.

Three little hellions!

We checked Snow's pen to see if there were any new arrivals.  Not yet.

We went by the chicken house

They had a lot to say :0)

Molly was out in the open sunning.

Molly signaled for Champ to come over to her.

And, asked for a BIG smooch.  Then, she went back to napping in the sun and he went back to work.

'Hey, little one, are you awake yet?"

Watched Momma give her baby a nudge to his feet.  I was a bit close.

I thought this was a brand new one, but he was actually a day old.  They are loving this spring weather….so much nicer coming into the world with the warmth of a sunny day.

I think I know which ram sired all of these black lambs.  Wouldn't be my choice for So Cal, but lots more to lamb on the way.

Let's go Champ.  I have things to do today…Costco run, grocery shopping, Doctor's appointment and a mandatory staff meeting.

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Karen said...

Those baby goats have to be the cutest things!