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Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Yee gads…somewhat complicated.  Wayne and I discussed renting a local storage unit. Nothing is 'local' here in Green Valley.  We will most likely rent one in Palmdale.  We need to get everything together that is going to Sequim in May.  It would be easier on Wayne if he picks up most of the stuff from a storage unit in a rented Uhaul.  We think.  We still have a spa here that is going to be a bitch to move, 2 more large portable kennel runs, desk, tack trunk and saddles, and I just ordered a queen sleeper and matching chair from Cabela's (on sale) that will be here in about a month.  I wanted it over Christmas, but couldn't get the shipping dates to coincide with our arrival up there.  I would hate to lose the sale price and the design we both like, so we are just having it shipped here.  Lordy.  It's all getting a bit complex.  But a 'sleeper' was mandatory in the front room for our guests.

My realtor is going to give us some contractor's names to help us with the enlargement of the master bedroom.  He has built about 5 homes.  He knows who is good and who is not.  I love him.  The house in Sequim has 2 small bedrooms and one large bathroom in the middle.  We want to enlarge the master bedroom to include a 3/4 bathroom, sitting area and a partially enclosed porch looking to the west towards Iron mountain.  I would like a sliding glass door to the porch like I have here.  One bathroom isn't going to work for us.  Plus, the master needs more LIGHT.  I feel a bit claustrophobic with one window to the west.  I have been looking at ideas on line.  I have lots of big plans, but not a whole lot of money.  You know how that goes.

This bedroom looks to the east over a small garden area

The master bedroom is the last window on the west side
The salmon colored doors lead into the living room
The next door down leads into the utility/ mud, washer, dryer room which is way smaller than I would like it to be.  Maybe, since we are tearing down walls, we could enlarge that, too.  In my dreams :0)

This cute little picnic area will be NO more.  The master will be enlarged to include this area.  The porch area will most likely be built out further and have a roof over it.  My dogs like to lie on the porch and look in at me through a sliding glass door.

I'd like to build a bit of a patio area around the fire pit at some point.

Plus, I am most definitely having a garden.  I should find lots to keep me busy!

Mirror mirror on the wall
Is it possible to have it all
Doubtful, but I can dream :0)

Thanks for coming along…...

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