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Monday, January 13, 2014

To neuter or not to neuter...

That is the question.

I made an appointment to neuter Champ.  He turned two years old in December. I have now cancelled the appointment.  I think most of our problems with him have been because he was kenneled for awhile around bitches in heat, etc.  Maybe, I just need to concentrate putting on a bit more training. Plus, we need to give him some time at home before making such a big decision.

I don't plan on doing any more breeding, but my girlfriend and husband both planted in my brain to wait…give him some time.  He has a lovely temperament.  Aggression is not the problem.  Plus, after the first day home, he has understood that he is not to pee in the house.  He still pees on tires ( a HUGE pet peeve with me) but, that really is a commentary on my training ability.  He wants to mount every bitch he comes in contact with which drives me crazy.  But, I think he will settle with more time and supervision from me. He just needs to learn his limits.  It is my job to teach him those limits.

Thankfully, the Vet clinic was very nice when I cancelled his appointment.  I know all of the pros and cons of neutering.  I have weighed them heavily in my mind.  But, after mulling it over, I think I have made the right decision.  Plus, I love my Kilt bitch so much and he is the last of the unneutered males from her two litters.   And, if I truly decide to neuter him, I can easily collect him (just in case) I change my mind about breeding.  So there, I feel much better now :0)

Okay, that's a load off my mind.

Champ says, "THANKS a lot Mom!"

Now, the next question is whether to give heart worm medicine or not.  I am mulling this one over in my mind.  I bought like $150 of Revolution heart worm medicine and I can't seem to bring myself to put it on my dogs.  I tested all of my dogs this year and they all tested negative for heart worm.  I haven't seen but one mosquito in all 4 times we have to Sequim.  I know it only takes one mosquito, but healthy dogs usually don't have a problem with heart worm.  It's not endemic here and in Sequim like it is on the east coast.  I don't like to poison my dogs.  It's toxic.  God knows what it does to their immune systems.  Trying to be responsible.
Difficult decision (at least it is for me)


Karen said...

Here's a couple of interesting links that might help you out. Years ago when vets were really pushing heartworm medication around here, my vet said not to bother. The cases in our area are more or less nil, and he wasn't dosing his own dog.



hobnob7 said...

Glad you decided to wait on neutering Champ and as you said, you can always collect him. As for HW meds, I lived in CA for 10 years and now WA for 7 years and in all that time have never needed to give HW meds. You should be fine living in Sequim in not having to give any HW meds. Also don't have fleas here either.

Jenny Glen said...

Can't help you on the HW, but maybe I can help you with the neuter. I have neutered 2 working BCs. Bob at 4 and Hemp at 7. I think 4 is the best time to DECIDE whether you are going to neuter him or not. Part of that decision should be based on 1. if girls are really the problem and 2. Does the dog need adrenalin to move sheep. Neutering seems to take the adrenalin away. Wonderful if you have a strong dog that is in part hyped up because of girls. If he's hyped up because he's not respecting you or afraid of sheep and makes up for it by pushing, then neutering isn't going to make him any better, in fact it may make him a weak dog that you don't want to work anymore. Bob never used adrenalin to move sheep, but he wouldn't look up the field while waiting to run because he was so busy sniffing the ground. When he was neutered that all changed and it was great. Hemp would do well his first few outings for the trial season, and then the bitches came into heat and he was useless. He was using adrenalin 'caused by his girl excitement to move sheep in part and removing that only did him good. The only thing is, if I had done it at 4 instead of 7, all the nagging, grinding and harping I did on him for years wouldn't have happened and he'd be a little free flowing now. Once the adrenalin was gone, I was left with what I had been creating for the last few years. He can move things because he is a strong dog but he had to realize he was allowed to do it. I will not neuter Ford. He's afraid of sheep and only a little girl crazy (mostly as an avoidance behavior). I'm trying to teach him to move sheep without adrenalin but he needs some because he's not strong enough or brave enough without it. I also know people who neutered and saw no change on the field. That dog's stupidity had nothing to do with girls. Hemp's certainly did. When he was 6 he went to the top at the BG, lifted his sheep and then left them to go back to try and breed the set out dog. One year later, after a neuter, he won the top end award for the best lift. The reason I think 4 is when you should seriously think about if it would help you or not is because they all act stupid at 2. They are new to their hormones and very new to their training. Give them a chance to find out who they are on and off sheep, then decide. Hope this helps a little.

gvmama said...

Thanks for the advice. I appreciate the comments.