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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Walk-Up Geriatric Clinic

Yep, that would be us.  I don't know why I have a kennel name.  I bred only two litters.  Kind of odd when you think about it.  Jet/Kilt and Buzz/Kilt.  That's it.

Now, I am spending my retirement money on caring for the old dogs.  I will have nothing.  My females are spayed and both my males are intact, 2 yrs. old and 13 yrs. old.  Our JRT will be 12 in May and Kilt will be 10 in this year (Kilt doesn't count….she is still a maniac).  I spayed her, because she had such a hard time birthing her last litter.  Both litters, her pups were HUGE.  I couldn't bare to see her go through that again.  I spayed Yoko who will be 6 yrs. old Sunday because she has never been my ideal of a sheep dog and I don't like the lack of pigment around one of her eyes.  Yoko's redeeming qualities are her hugs and that she is damn good watch dog. Trouble got spayed, just because….She has only caught a couple of rodents that I am aware of.  She was a hit or miss Master agility dog.  Sometimes she ran and other times she could hide in a tunnel or left the arena for greater opportunities.  It was all depending on the barometric pressure that day.  Most of the time she lies around on puffy pillows being the princess she is…moving them from one sunny spot to another.  Tough life. Trouble has cost me a slight fortune or at least a good down payment on a truck with her little dog teeth and back problems.  A few teeth pulled, plus they have to knock her out to clean her teeth.  Honest to God, they charge me more than my dentist charges me.  Love Trouble, but no more little dogs!  I have spent a fortune in flannel filled corn pouches, coats, and microwavable heat discs to keep Troubie warm in the winter.

Jet now has a pharmaceutical cabinet….his own.  Levothyroxine (we can share), Tramadol for aches and pains (I guess we could share that, too, but it makes me nauseous), Adequan to oil up his joints, Metacam when he isn't on the Pred.  And, now with his vestibular disease I can add Antivert. Let's not forget his Dosequin with MSM and his grain free kibble, egg yolks and cottage cheese.  Lordy.  Oh yeah…he is getting his teeth scaled next week.  Thank God this is only the 2nd time in his life (and last) I will have his teeth cleaned.  His breath is a bit smelly.  Could be from the mass in his kidneys or whatever.

But, I will say this…Jet has earned his keep.  He was always the master of anything you asked him to do.  For that, we will always admire him and pay $$$$ until his last days.

The Border Collies, one injury after another…damn kamikaze dogs.  I'm sure 1000's of dollars in x-rays and scans.  Most proved nothing other than the possibility of this or that.  Most survived with a bit of kennel rest.

Their ER box has vet wrap, splints, ear wash, eye drops, toenail clippers, casting material,wound care items, antibiotics, booties, tweezers, otoscope, scalpel, gauze, Panalog, clotting powder, syringes, Adequan, Rimadyl, stethoscope, alcohol, Betadine, Pepto, ETC  And,  that was just off the top of my head.

Bring back my Lab who never took a lame step in 15 years.  The only ailment Xena had was 'cold water tail' which she had twice from me bathing her on the picnic table with cold water out of the hose :0)  Plus, she never required anything, but a pet on the head and her dinner.  She, other than Champ….BEST traveling dog you could ask for.

I'm not sure what this whole blog is about except getting older isn't for sissies and it gets costlier and costlier the older you get whether you are a dog or a person.  There you have it.  Like it or not.  It is what it is :0)


Karen said...

I think most of us dog people can relate somewhat. Calli, our Lab, has cost us the most, but in the middle of her life, not so much now that she is old. That might be yet to come. So far the border collies have been pretty cheap, and Jake also will be 10 this year (which I'm finding hard to believe). Fingers crossed.

gvmama said...

People think theie dogs get injured more in agility. I had way less injuries in agility than in herding. At least obstacles are stationary (for the most part) My sheep dogs get stomped on, broken toe, back strains from turning sheep back, catching the ones that try to get away, etc. It's an expensive hobby. I think I'll take up painting and photography for my future years.