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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Barns, Carports, Worksheds, Oh My!


The above link is starting to give me some ideas :0)  I'm trying to envision where my dogs are going to have their kennels placed, where the geese housing will go and the possibility of sheep (maybe).
I bought a large dome steel garage with sides and back.  Just the front is open, but it will take a bit of grading, and a ton of work to get it up. It's in a zillion pieces, but I did get it at half price. I could do something like that inside and to the front of it.

I will have to get over to Patricia Pedersen's place as soon as I arrive in May.  I hear she has a lovely stick built barn and indoor outdoor heated kennels.  I have 5 kennel runs in various sizes.  I'm just not sure where to put them and so forth.  Patricia belongs to a breakfast club in my area.  I will certainly ask to join.  Sounds like fun to me.  They go to a new place each week for breakfast.

I don't want to get too many animals because then it makes it hard for you to travel.  And, with what pittance I will get on Social security I'd like to travel.  And, by travel, I mean mostly in the area I am in. There will be lots of new places for me and the dogs to explore.

There are so many things I want to do.  I love going to sheepdog trials and clinics. I would like to take up painting again.  There is a photography club in Sequim that I will join.  I love to take photos.  This was a picture through a tree by our front door in Sequim.

I was worried about Trouble falling from the high porch.  Not going to happen.  She knows she can look under or stand on her tippy toes and look over as she is doing in the is photo.  She would rather be on the porch because she feels more secure from wild animals and she doesn't have to put her little paws on the WET grass.  God forbid.

In case you didn't know…that is ELK scat (poop)  Saw lots of that on the property and lots of hoof prints, but didn't catch sight of the elusive group of bachelor Elk that were living on the property right up until the day Wayne arrived.

I love having the Seven Cedars Casino 3 miles from our house.  I am already memorizing their specials.  Monday is prime rib night and the first Friday of every month is their seafood extravaganza.  Plus, they have a few funky bands and comic night.  We aren't much of gamblers, but will on occasion drop a few quarters.  It's nice because this casino is small and is really well kept.

I showed Wayne the Dungeness campground where Champ and I stayed during the night and looked at houses during the day in July.  Over his left shoulder is Port Angeles which is 15 miles from Sequim.  To his right, which you can't see is Canada.  A ferry ride away.

You can peek through the berries and see the Dungeness spit, that long weaving stretch of beach.  Lots of wildlife and birds out there.  It's a 12 mile round trip walk out to the lighthouse.  No dogs allowed, but I definitely have it on my things to want to do list!  I have my over 62 Discovery pass, so I can hike it for free.

I'm standing at this adorable coffee shop on the 101 looking at Sequim Bay.

This was taken from our porch.  What I thought was Hurricane Ridge I have found out is Iron Mountain and possibly Tyler Peak., both a little higher than Hurricane Ridge.

We did have some most magnificent sunrises through the fog from our porch :0)  Made me very thankful to be alive and to be able enjoy the show.


Jenny Glen said...

Can you see me in the back of that picture, waving to you from Canada?

DeltaBluez Tess said...

Beautiful pixs and happy you folks will be up here!

Karen said...

You are going to have so much fun in your 'retirement'!

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