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Friday, January 17, 2014

Godzilla Geese

Hmmmm Something is up.  My geese are being very protective.  And, they are eating me out of house and home.  Plus, several of them are hanging lopsided way low in their tail feathers now.  Both the egg holder on'ers (I''m guessing) have nipped me and have chased after my dogs who weren't bothering them at all.  This is totally new.  Maybe, since the weather has been so warm for so long, they are confused and think they should lay.  My luck, they will start laying and it will get cold and snow.  Their kennel run really isn't BIG enough to be able to sit on eggs unless a couple of the hens share the open dog house in their run.

I had Wayne come check them tonight.  They ran over to him and one gave him a nip.  He said that is the first time any of them have pecked him.  Poor Yoko was lying on a down and the one with the big lopsided belly ran over to her and literally attacked her.  Yoko was as good as gold about it.  I'm afraid Kilt would have eaten her.  Plus, the other day when I let them out of their run they usually fly to the other end of the arena to stretch their wings.  They flew right directly at Champ who was lying quietly off to the side of the arena. It looked pretty deliberate from my perspective.  He thought so, too. Whoa….Champie met one of the hens in the air, both a couple of feet off the ground.  He wasn't going to stand for that.  I don't blame him.  They both came out unscathed.

So, I am pondering and reading.  Quite a change in attitude, I'll say.  They are going through pellets and corn and 3 way hay like they are starving.  Reminds me of a bitch with pups. Wayne asked me if I am going to let them keep the eggs.  Good question.  I have to ponder about that, too.  I have a great Goose book, so I will review it this evening.  Hope it gives me some insight.  A couple geese came over to me tonight looking as if they wanted to peck me so I sprayed them with the hose.  LOL  They loved it.  They spread their wings and got all puffy.  Guess I won't use a hose to defend myself.  Most of the time if I walk quietly towards the one coming at me and HISS back, they will retreat.  But, don't turn your back.  They know when you aren't looking!

The Greywolf Vet Clinic in Sequim know about geese.  Dr. Tyler who founded the clinic in 1992 with his wife, Suzanne, raise Toulouse geese for weed control along with other farm animals.  I have seen them out in the pasture.  They are the white colored geese.  Usually, very good natured geese.  The nice thing about Sequim is that there is no shortage of Vet clinics for a small population.  I think there are less than 7000 people and there are four Vet clinics in town.

Wayne and I are still discussing our animal situation.  He would like to keep Kilt here at the house with him.  On our next trip in May he will use a U Haul and he and Kilt will fly home.  I am worried about Kilt being here by herself during fire season.  She is deathly afraid of 'smoke.' I know she will be lonely, but she does love being an only dog when Wayne will be at home.  The sheep I will sell.  The geese…still pondering about the birds.  We need rain here in order for our wells to produce enough to be able to sell.  Playing it by ear.  It will all work out.  We just don't know the time frame when things will happen.


DeltaBluez Tess said...

I love my Geese. I use to raise Toulouse Geese, smart birds. We have 7 geese

gvmama said...

So, Diane, is the change in behavior and eating habits because they are ready to nest?