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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Feel the LOVE

Wowser.  What a fabulous birthday!  It couldn't get any better.  It started off with my bestest friend from New York calling me to say Happy Birthday! And,  thanks for all of the Face Book birthday wishes.  I know you were all busy with stock dog trials, agility trials, and football!  It really made me feel so special.  Plus, I couldn't ask for a better present than my grandson and his wife coming to visit.  My son and his wife are in Japan, but I will hopefully get to spend Christmas with them this year :0)

The night before my birthday my grandson and wife met us at the movie theater and we saw August Osage County with Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts.  It was a dark comedy with superb acting by ALL that were in it.  SUPERB directing.  I laughed and cried throughout the movie.  Meryl, no doubt, will be getting the Oscar for Best Actress!  Then we went out to dinner at the Outback and had a lovely dinner.  The kids were close to their mother's house so they went to spend the night with her.  We planned on breakfast at our house at 9 am.

CHEERS….Mimosas for everybody!

Trouble was happy to see her little buddy, Franco again.

Wayne and I made breakfast.  Mushroom, onion, peppers, and cheese omelets with a red Rancheras sauce that was pretty good and quite spicy.

Jenee made me these lovely tile coasters.  Home made gifts are the best.  I love how both dogs are winking.  Plus, they gave me a tee shirt and a yummy oreo birthday cake that she made.

Eddy made me a pineapple upside down cake the day before at the Antelope Valley Play day.  I am at my heaviest weight yet.  UGH.  I'm not too worried since I will be on a retirement budget soon enough.  I should lose lots of weight on wine and Top Ramón when I get to Sequim.  LOL

I had a bunch of pics from my good camera that I downloaded.  They disappeared.  I deleted them after downloading them, but I think it was too much with the iTunes radio running on the computer, too.  Oh well.  Trust me, it was a beautiful day.  We went on a little hike with the dogs.  Dustin helped Wayne bring down my "Mother's Bouquet slate stone rock engraved with her burial plate that my father gave to me, so I would have a place to visit her.  Wayne found this God knows how many pounds rock and placed the engraved plaque on it up a hill in my observation point.  That way, after losing her, I could go up to my meditation area and talk to her whenever I felt like it.  That rock is coming to Sequim with me.  Wayne isn't as young as he used to be so Dustin helped him carry it down to the house from my observation point.

Jenee fed the geese a head of lettuce.  Franco was quite interested in the geese.  Black Nose was rather disgusted.  They didn't seem to phase Franco :0)

There isn't a doubt in my mind that I will miss my co-workers the most when I move.  I can't even talk about it without tears welling up in my eyes.  I work with the most compassionate, humorous bunch of guys and gals that anyone could be blessed to work with.  BLESSED….Blessed by them and blessed by having the most meaningful job in the world to me.

The whole group posed for a photo, just minus some two legged ones.
Franco, Rogue, Trouble, Yoko, Jet, Champ, Kilt, and Wayne.

Yoko turned 6 yrs.  old today.  We have the same birthday.  Her birthday present was my grandson, Dustin.  Oh, how she does love him!

Rogue wouldn't look at the camera.  She was staring at the geese.

So, we set them up to BOTH look at the geese.  LOL

I'm going to MISS this old house.  We have lived here for 30 years.

Lots of parties, good times, and memories here.

But, new memories are soon to be made.  I will try not to be too melancholy :0)

Birthday sunset.  Amen.  Thank-you God.


Karen said...

A wonderful, special day for your birthday! Here's to many more:)

Anonymous said...

OK,OK So I missed your birthday (for the,at least,40th time). Played any "shoes" lately?


gvmama said...

No, but if you come visit, I'll try my best to beat you!