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Sunday, December 1, 2013

How's the packing going?

All I can say is....LORD, I wish we were FORTY!

Thankfully, there is very little furniture in the house that we give a hootenanny about.  An interior decorator, I am NOT.  Kitchen table/chairs, a couple of bookcases, love seat, 2 dressers (all ready beat up and pretty worthless, but functionable), a tack trunk, 3 saddles (that I can't bare to part with) a computer desk and computer, printer and printer table, TV stand and TV.

We have 2 picnic tables and a TON of dog stuff going.  Plus, the 500 plus photos (a ton of them are framed and still on the walls)  The more I look at the 1000 knick knacks (you know personal stuff that has some meaning for me and the gifts people have given me) I get a bit nauseous thinking that I will need to part with some of them :0(

We actually got rid of a couple of 100 DVDs of music :0)  But, we still have 100's we HAD to keep.

Threw a box of cables away after arguing if we had any necessity for them.  Now, I see I have 3 puppy crates in the shed.  I have 10 big dog crates and 3 igloos.  That should hold us :0)  Three of those crates are wicker for inside the living room.  They may become our coffee tables.  I saw a couch I liked (a queen sleeper) at Cabelas.  I called them and it is no longer in stock.  We don't have any living room furniture.  Oh well...in due time, I guess.

Thank the Lord that Wayne was a mover (part time) with his uncle's Valencia Moving Company ages ago.  The man can drive and back anything and pack....well, let me put it this way....  He knows what he is doing.  I just stay out of the way!

He just took the love seat out of the house and carried it to the trailer.   I remember when I was his room mate some 30 years ago.  He carried all new furniture into our little house the day I moved in.  Impressed...ya sure, you betcha.  Impressed enough to marry the handsome son of a gun!

I can see now that it will take us 3 trips to WA. to get moved all by ourselves.  But, it will still save us loads of money doing it ourselves.  We will have to buy a bed when we get up to Sequim this trip.  Our king size bed is at least 15 years old and sagging.  Maybe, I can buy one from Costco and have it shipped while we are there.  I have NO furniture in our guest bedroom here, so that won't be a problem.
I found a nice frame without box springs that has under bed storage at Sam's Club.  We will pick that up this weekend and take it up in preparation for having a bed to sleep on.

Meanwhile...to get out of packing today, I went over to the Task Farm trial because it was 65 degrees outside and gorgeous.  I knew Jet would like to visit and of course, I like to visit, so we stayed and had lunch with everyone.  I took this photo of Jet at the trial.

Happy boy.  Our goal is to make it until Christmas.  Setting short term goals and loving on this guy every single day.  If he makes Christmas, we will set a goal of making it to Sequim in May with me.  Although, I will be taking Trouble and Jet up with me in December :0)


Karen said...

Good plan with the short term goals. Hang in there Jet, you handsome old man, you!

You can make old beat up dressers look amazing with some new paint:)...Just saying!

gvmama said...

None of our dressers cost over $30. So when I get up there I might have to touch base with you. I will have plenty of time for refinishing :0)

gvmama said...

And, Karen...especially my dining room table with Jet's claw marks all over one leaf (when Kilt was in heat). That I really need to refinish!

Karen said...

In your spare time (ha,ha,ha) check out http://www.furnitureflippin.com/

Lots of furniture makeovers there. Some I don't like, but some are amazing!