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Sunday, December 8, 2013

These are a few of my favorite things

I love the above version...the joy on their faces and in their hearts :0)

Hoping to get some snow tomorrow (didn't pan out).  We had no electricity all day today.  I spent the day outside working.  It was about 38 degrees.  I tried out my merino wool long johns.  They were wonderful.  I bought them on www.smartwool.com  They were REALLY expensive.  In this case, I will tell you, you get what you pay for.  They are toasty warm and very comfortable.

I happened upon fairly decent weight Henley thermal shirts at Walmart and picked up 5 for me and 5 for Wayne at $6.00 each.  That was a steal and we both agree:  They are great.  Wash good, too.

Bought a Cal king bed and frame.  Already packed in the trailer :0)  Flannel sheets should be here this week.  Two dressers going into the trailer today.  Living out of boxes now and plastic containers to keep dogs out of stuff they shouldn't be in.

Had to go through more OLD photos.  3 albums that my brother gave me from Dad's house.  I went through them and took photos of some of them and put them in a file on my computer.  Then, I tossed the old albums that were falling apart all over my bed and floor.  So many photos without anything to tell me who the people were in them :0(

The hardest part will be packing my computer and desk and the big screen TV and stand.  Wah Wah  Insert BIG frown :0(  here.  Lucky for us Wayne saves everything and has the boxes for them.  Four months of a small TV in our bedroom and an iPad.  Can I do it?  LOL

I had reserved Jalama for us this Christmas over 10 days on our favorite beach site.  Obviously, that is not happening, so I gave it to my family that I still have here.  I split the difference with my grandson's mother and told her that the rest would be my Christmas present to them.  Makes me happy that family will be enjoying it, if I can't. :0(  Insert another frowny face here.

Best of all, I had an open handler up in my area (less than 15 min. away) who has BCs and sheep.  We are going to try to get together over the week I am up in Sequim.  I was so excited to hear from her.  And, so excited that she does very well up there with her dogs.  Camaraderie.  I'd really not like to get sheep, and will if I have to.  I got a book called All about Raising Geese (Home flock).  Wayne and I have been reading it every night.  It said....my three biggest predators are Horned owls, bobcats and raccoons after dogs, coyotes and foxes.  If you keep geese from predators at night and have a large enough area for them, they can live a very long life with very little care.  They flock beautifully which make them an asset to work with the dogs.  I have been thinking about how to set up a place for them on the property.  And, then maybe buying some goslings after we are settled.  I'd like about a dozen.  Plus, we can still go away for the weekend without a caretaker for them if we build the right type of housing for them.

Wayne says 'No more dogs.'  We are getting up there in years and I certainly don't want my old dogs to have to be given out to other homes.  Next year Jet will be 14, Trouble 12, Kilt 10, Yoko 6, and Champ will be 3 at the end of 2014.  I think he has a good point.  We aren't getting any younger.  Hopefully, Champ and Yoko will give me years of trial enjoyment.

That's about it....cold everywhere today. I must shower and get a move on.  Have a wonderful day!

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