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Thursday, November 14, 2013

St. Maarten and Antigua

 Oh My God......St Marten.   One should stay on the French side and Party on the Dutch side,    F'ing hysterical FUN!  And, oh what a day, another absolutely gorgeous day!  Mary and I took a speed boat with 12 other people for 5-6 hrs of snorkeling, swimming and stopping at fantastic beaches on the French side.  In the afternoon we came back to the Dutch side where our ship was docked.  We drank beers all day on the speed boat and the captain let a few of us ride up on the bow holding on for dear life laughing like mad people as we almost met our death over the giant waves.  Shit howdy.... That was fun.  

Just look at these photos.  Really...trip of a lifetime for me.  Every day was absolutely gorgeous.

                                             Coming into Sting ray city on Antigua

                  A very secluded beach where we had lunch on Antigua.  Picture postcard purrfect.

Mary waving.  Snorkeling in some deeper waters.

Mary wading out to visit with some other people on a small deserted beach on Antigua

Antigua....yup, the island of the rich and famous.  We took the Extreme Cigarette boat with approximately 15 other people for a day of great fun and great weather.  The boat traveled at 45-70 miles per hour.  We made it clear around the island stopping to snorkel some 4 times plus we had lunch on a deserted part of the coast.  I booked this excursion several months ago.  It wasn't one the cruise ship offered.  We were the only people on board from the cruise ship.  The weather was picture perfect.  We stopped at sting ray city and swam with the rays.  My under water camera sucks, but at least I brought my other pocket digital for a back up.  We went by Eric Clapton's home and the rehab he had built here.  Almost all if the richest have homes on this island.  I was amazed to see how many different species of cacti that are on the island.  They just  had 5 inches of rain last weekend, but still call this a drought year.  When we stopped for lunch, there were pesky lizards everywhere.  Quite frankly, most of us stood to eat.  Brazen little and big bastard lizards.  We snorkeled in some very deep waters over a reef which was a bit creepy for me.  I kept hearing the Jaws' music in my head.  And when someone else bumped into my fins, I got a bit freaked, especially after seeing several Barracudas. At the very end of our day, we anchored at a very private beach with only a few nude couples.  We swam ashore and drank a couple of rum punches.  The boat picked up guests and dropped them off at different locations around the island.  It was really neat, because got to see so many different resorts.  There was one on Mosquito beach called something like Heritage that really looked like a fab place to spend a week,  iI think just about anywhere on Antigua would be nice.  There was a little begging by some of the locals and one guy asked me if I wanted to buy some drugs, but overall this island gets the nod for a great vacation spot. 
Anchored for lunch.

St. Maarten.  Quite frankly, Mary and I wanted them to drop us off here for a whole day!

Insanely GORGEOUS!

It truly didn't even look real.  It was like living in a dream.

Sting Ray City with a slimy creepy ray :0)

Just another gorgeous stop

St. Maarten.  It got our nod as to a place we would love to go back to and spend some time :0)

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