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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I must still be on Caribbean time

I have seemed to have lost my omphhh.  I came home to the death of one of my geese.  That took the wind right out of my sails.  I love all 6 of my geese.  Something grabbed it from the outside of their chain link kennel.  So we have fortified the kennel run with shade cloth, lattice, and a puppy X-pen for the moment.

On a brighter note, all of the dogs seem okay. Jet is feeling perky even though whatever the heck was on his lip has now spread to both of his eyes.  But, he isn't itching as furiously as he was about his lip.  His lip looks fine.  Now, we are contending with his eyes;  loss of hair, swelling.  Dr. Conn took a skin scraping which really didn't show a whole lot of anything.

I took him off the Tramadol and will try Metacam at night for him.  That is the only new drug we have put him on in the last few months.  Some severe side effects include facial swelling and peeling skin.  I have always thought of Tramadol as a pretty benign medication.  It helped him with his arthritic pain.  I will keep him off of it for a couple of weeks and see how he responds.

Just thinking about more cleaning, getting ready for the move, makes me want to nap.  Wayne is bringing his friend's roadster trailer home sometime next week so we can start loading it up getting ready for our WA. trek in December.  The first of many.  Most definitely taking a few crates and two small topped kennel runs, our garage which is in pieces, a couple of storage sheds, my computer, TV, and a little bit of furniture.

We are down to 5 sheep and 5 geese.  I found a vacation resort (friend's place) for my 5 sheep and I will put the geese down in the sheep barn while we are gone with someone from town to care for them.  That way if the weather is yucky, they will have a large dry place to hang out for a couple of weeks.  Wayne is leaving for WA earlier than I can.  He will take the girls, Yoko and Kilt.  I will follow after Christmas since I promised to work Christmas eve and Christmas at the hospital.  I will bring Jet and Trouble with me.  Champ will still be at Suzy's up north in Plymouth and most likely we can pick him up on the way back to Ca.

The Caribbean was the last of my vacations until 2015.  Sheep trials have been put on the back burner until next summer.  Kilt is pretty much done trailing.  I just use her for my chore dog.  Yoko is coming 6 this January and I still would like to trial her. I think she has only been to 5 open trials.  Last, but not least, Champ hasn't trialed anything other than in AHBA.  He will be fun to start next year.   So, come next summer I will have 2 dogs to trial, lord willin' and the creeks don't rise.

I think I need an energy boost.  I will try to concentrate on going to the Kern River for Thanksgiving.  I always have to give myself something to look forward to in order to get myself into the next gear.  I'm riding in neutral right now.  Maybe it was the 10 hours of flying and the come back home let down.  Where's my butler and our waiters for our meals?  LOL  Okay, Suzanne down shift, and get going!

Addendum:  I just called McNally's (Fairview on the Kern) to make our Thanksgiving reservation as we do every year.  Bummer.  They aren't doing Thanksgiving dinner this year.  We look forward all year to go to the Kern River :0(  That makes me sad.  I guess we will have to cook a turkey and be thankful for what we have.  Even so, I am still going to miss McNally's.

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