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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I give you the number 100.....

Tell 100 things about yourself that people may or may not know about you.  LOL  I probably wouldn't have a problem naming that many.  I have enjoyed reading about other people's lives on Facebook over the last week.  I found it very interesting.  I love to learn about people.  When some people said they would have to think about what to write, I was a bit mystified.  Some felt a bit intimidated by other people's posts.  Funny, because their posts were really interesting to me.

When I started my lists on Facebook it made me realize what a cool life I have led up to this point.  Reflection....it makes me grateful for the life I have led.  It made me even think of more things I'd like to share.

My father was my HERO.
The birth of my son was the greatest event in my life.
I studied my dogs giving birth which made me decide to have a natural childbirth.
I remember picking blueberries in Tuxedo Park N.Y. so my grandmother could make blueberry pies.
We used to curl up into a giant inner tube and roll down the beach in South Hampton.
My father used to bring home box turtles he would find for me to keep as pets.
I was afraid to put my feet down in the sandy bottom when swimming in the Peconic bay because of the horseshoe crabs.
We used to love to fish for 'blow' fish (croakers) and make them blow up their tummies.
When I was having a great horseback riding lesson, my trainer always said, "You must have had ROAST BEEF for breakfast."
I spent 6 weeks in a wheel chair when my quarter mare slipped on a paved hill and slid down on my ankle and foot.  It didn't prevent me from showing my saddlebreds at the Santa Barbara horse show.  My Dad bought a black moccasin and put a black heel on it.  They put my moc on me in the wheelchair and then helped me mount my horse.  The pain was excruciating, but I wasn't going to miss a big show like Santa Barbara :0)
I've always had a morbid fascination with human and animal anomalies such as siamese twins, bearded ladies, but, then again I grew up in the Kansas when these were big shows at the midwest fairs.  Maybe that's why I became a nurse?
My parents lied to me when I auctioned my blank angus at the Del Mar fair.  They told me he was going to a country club to be part of a petting zoo.
My Dad and I used to play hockey on our small pond when we lived in Kansas.  I would practice my ice skating doing figure eights on one foot dreaming of being a figure skater.
I remember the first tornado I had ever seen.  It was humongous. Houses were flying through the air like the Wizard of Oz.  I was on the 3rd floor of my high school and a teacher literally had to grab me by my shoulders and move me to the basement.
I painted large scale enamels in college.  I was an Art major.  I sold one of my 6 feet by 6 feet paintings to a teacher at the college.  I remember how proud I was when the teacher invited me to his home to see it displayed above his fireplace.  The living room had vaulted ceilings and it looked magnificent.
The first time I tried marajuana I told my girlfriends that I wasn't high.  They laughed uncontrollably since I had just walked out of the bathroom with toilet paper trailing behind me.
My schnauzer flunked out of obedience school when I was in high school. He wouldn't stop peeing on the walls of the indoor building where his class was held.
I had a cat with one eye.  He wore an eye patch.  He was very cool.
I once ran a 5K around Olympia with my girlfriend after partying until 2 am in the morning.  We finished the race, but I was so dehydrated all I could think of was putting a straw in Capitol Lake and drinking the whole lake dry.  It's a wonder we didn't die.
My saddlebred had a stroke.  My dad refused to put him down and brought him to our home to rehab him.  I remember my Pop sitting on him bareback having a martini after the horse got stronger.  Dad found a lovely farm for him to go to until he died of old age.
I was the youngest member of the Bridle Wise club at Bonita Valley Farms.  To belong you had to pass a written test and a riding test.
I can still hear my mother laugh.  She had the loudest, most wonderful laugh.
Dad trailered my quarter mare to and from boarding school, Kansas to Arizona each year for me.
I did all of my own stock horse training and won the Championship at the American Royal one year.
I was on the channel 5 news pleading for Jet's safety when the first forest fire hit our home.  The fire men, suited up, tried to grab him and he fled towards the fire.  We found him 48 hours later on the Pacific Crest Trail close to home.  He hid in a bear den.
My first pony was a Welsh/Arab cross that the trainer had to goose in the butt with a hot shot to get her into the show ring.  Her name was Bit O Mischief.
I was always tall and as skinny as a rail.  Kids made fun of me.  My nick name was Stretch.
I had a surprise birthday party for my father at my father's favorite restaurant when he was 80.  I also attended his 90th birthday in Florida.  When I asked him who several of the guests were he said, "Darn if I know, but they look very nice." (Dementia started setting in around 89)  But, he still was the kindest, most caring, wittiest father in the world even with dementia.
I surprised my brother in Texas at his country club on his 40th birthday.  I flew in and took a cab to his country club.  His wife was in on it. I had the waiter take a bottle of champagne to him with a note asking if we might get together at a later time.  The look on his face was priceless.  SURPRISE.  He got me back on my 40th :0)
I bought a bunny for my grandson that terrorized all of us. It chased us up and down the stairs like it was rabid. It was little rabbit Fu-Fu from hell.  Wayne released it by a local lake.
My grandmother used to look at my grandfather and say, "There is no fool like an old fool."  LOL
When my mother and father passed away, I was in their arms when they both took their last breath.  That was the greatest gift I could give back to them.... to be there for them in the end.

OMG  I could go on and on.  Some stuff I can't even put on paper or someone might have me committed.  Life has been good to me.  I have very few regrets :0)

Pictured five years ago, Christmas time at Jalama beach.  I was receiving chemotherapy intravenously at the beach.  I wasn't feeling my best, but my Grandson made everything worth while.  Family and friends.....make my world.  Good health allows you to enjoy them.  Amen.


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gvmama said...

LOL Should I mention playing poker with the dogs shock collar or my 3 day 40th birthday party. Lord...it's a wonder we all are still alive!

Karen said...

That was a fun read:) I posted something like that, well not as long, on my birthday blog post a few years back.