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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Photos and photos and more photos

Okay folks, I have been going through 1000's of photos (no exaggeration) in albums and boxes for weeks now.  This is the toughest job I've had in a long time.  So many memories.  It is slow going, because you want to stop and reflect and oooooh and ahhhhhh.  I have gone through some 12 albums now and I try to throw them out when my husband isn't looking.  I have caught him taking an album (already sorted through) out of the trash and bringing it back into the house!

We had a fun Saturday morning going through many of the old photos together.  I have an easy 500 photos of our grandson to put on a disc.  Of course, I'll have to make 3 discs, one for our grandson, one for his father, and one for us.  This is going to be expensive, but so worth it.

Why is it taking me so long?  Well, I found great old Aussie photos from the early 70's and then someone asked if I would share them on the Australian Shepherd Foundation and History Facebook page.  Then I ran across a few photos from boarding school days and sure enough, you can bet I'm on the Facebook Valley School for Girls page.  Then, I have to make copies for my friends of great photos I have found of them and tag them on their Facebook pages.

I'm laughing just thinking about it, but it's really fun....just slow going.  I will have to blog some "flashback from the days" photos.  A lot of them are almost criminal.  Wow...we partied hearty.  No doubt.  But, then I look at all of the places we have taken our grandson....pretty much he came with us all around the US and hiked, and fished, and rode horses, and did karate, baseball, football, agility with the dogs, obedience classes with the dogs, etc. etc.  What fabulous memories.  I don't have that many photos of his dad, because I probably didn't have as many cameras as I had when my grandson came along.

This has been and is still a huge undertaking.  But, well worth the effort :0)

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Karen said...

Definitely time consuming, but so much fun, and very much worth the effort:)